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Do Turntables sound better with time?
NO.  Maybe the cartridge, but in my experience (55 years since my 1st turntable) a turntable will not change, unless it starts to breakdown. As noted above, other factors may improve the sound.  
Need tube help!
I have just replaced the tubes in my amp (2 weeks ago, cost $2100) I used the same tubes as the  amplifier builder used. I reckon he made the amp and new what was best. I would recommend to stick with the originals.  
Headphones vs speakers….
In 1969 my brother and I would go to a small jazz club/bar in a small upstairs place in a town in northern England, ever since then that is the sound I have sought. I have that now. I could never achieve that with headphones. Obviously headphones... 
Favourite Guitarists
These are the ones that make up a lot of my listening Lightnin Hopkins Peter Green Jeff Beck SRV Kenny Burrell  
Liquid Stylus Cleaners
I had always (past 25 years) used a short stiff bristle brush and occasionally, after 6 - 8 LP's, a drop of Disc Doctor fluid, no problem. A few months ago I did another cartridge upgrade to a quite expensive ($3600) new cartridge, which I am ver... 
EAR 834 line stage
I have been using the EAR 834P Phono Box for about 4 years now.  Using through EAR 834 Integrated Amplifier.  I no longer look for upgrades. Sound is fantastic. I think all components in the system have to compliment one another ie. cartridge , tu... 
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
A Hard Days Night.    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  United Artists monaural. (Not the original Beatles album)  
A perfect song? What are your choices?
While my guitar gently weeps.    ---      The Beatles  (George Harrison)  
Suggestions for a Phono Preamp.
I have an EAR 834P 3 tube and would only change to the new one .  
Tube Vs. SS Preamps
What is "fatigue free" ?  
Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?
Are 1968 Blue Cheer regarded as Heavy Metal? Probably not for the HM purist. However my son in law and 18 yr old grandson were over a couple of nights ago to share a bottle or three of red. I consider I have a well above average vinyl set up.Grand... 
Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL
Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? Umm,  no. 
New TT, Arm and MC Cartridge
Hello Kingharold,  really sympathize with you.  I am 73 and it s our 50th this month.I have a midpriced Clearaudio turntable, I had the dealer put on the most expensive Clearaudio MM cartridge (I just prefer the MM sound) It is running through EAR... 
How to remove scotch tape brown residue from album covers
I use Eucalyptus oil first. Spread a bit over the shop label or tape with a cotton bud and do this a couple of times. Usually, it gently peals off. If not, revert to some of the other suggestions. 
This forum is antiquated.
"This forum is antiquated."Thanks. That just came at the right time. I was starting to think I should look around. But now this old guy is happy.