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Ultimate Cables no more?
Anyone that has some old Ultimate Cables RCA Interconnects sitting around, please contact me, I'm looking for a few. ¬†Thanks! 
Mod 1200MkII or Buy Rega RP6? or MMF-7 Package
I ran a Rega RB-300 and a Jelco SA-750 on a SL-1200MK2 and came back to the KAB mod'd stock arm. It sounded "different" with the other arms, but it certainly didn't perform any "better" to my ears.I now run a SL1210M5G with the stock arm plus KAB ... 
JICO and LP Gear Stylus question
Such a shame. This was once one of the best values in analog to my ears. I hate that they've allowed their once stellar QC and product slip to such low levels. 
Proper tracking force for the AT 150 MLX
Agree with Stanwal. I track mine at 1.5 
Rega RP3 or Pro-ject Expression III?
Looking at only those two tables, I'd say go for the RP3.If it were me, I'd look for a used P3-24 with the TTPSU. As Kbarkamian said, it's a great upgrade and I have no doubt you could get a mint used P3-24/TTPSU combo for the same money as either... 
Real nice Tomjoe. You're a veritable festival of constructive helpful criticism. 
Rega P5 vs RP6 purchasing dilemma
I've enjoyed the Rega tables I have owned (P3-24, P5), have not enjoyed the Music Hall turntables I have owned (MMF-5, MMF-7.1), and simply love the table that has been the center of my system for the last 3 years, a Pro-Ject RPM-9.1. So, I guess ... 
Nagaoka MP-500 or Ortofon 2M Black?
Either will work fine in the Rega arm. They sound completely different from one another to my ears though. The Nagaoka is luxurious and romantic sounding. It is rich in the midrange and throws a wide holographic soundstage. The Ortofon is more pre... 
HELP-woofer moves alot when playing lps
Agree with Stereo5 - the KAB filter is the best thing going to eliminate this issue. I love mine - zip zero nada downside to using it, absolutely no negative sonic impact and 100% solves the problem.I have mine between my phono stage (PS Audio GCP... 
New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?
I'm waiting for the pouch to become available as well. Excited that there's an affordable option out there now! 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
Also. I listen tons lot of the same music you do I imagine. Huge NWOBHM fan (Holocaust, Blitzkrieg, Diamond Head, Limelight, etc). Up the Irons! 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
dang - wish I could edit... that should be the Vincent Audio SV-236MK 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
I would also say the "V2" model of the Cambridge Audio 840A, even though I'm getting ready to sell mine due to system consolidation. It's a fantastic integrated. I wasn't a big fan of the first version, but the V2 model is outstanding.Another, tha... 
Creek Destiny or Rogue Cronus Magnum?
Rhanechak - I appreciate your efforts to build a "Made in USA" system. I've always purchased what I like best irregardless of origin, but totally understand your motivation!Pdreher's comment I must address - VAS Inc., the Cayin USA distributor, is... 
Woofer sucking in and out
Just because you experience this phenomenon doesn't mean there's a problem to address. Period, end of story.