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Foam surrounds on 30 year old NOS speakers
Thanks, Elizabeth. 
Quality, Affordable, Preamps?
I would go with a used Tube Audio Design TAD 150 signature. You can usually get them used in the $750-$800 range. An excellent budget preamp with a phono stage and a remote. 
"Tube Like" SS Integrated Amps
My vote goes to the Audio Analogue Puccini. 
CD player NOT made in China under $1,000?
Cary is now making their cd players in China (Hong Kong). I believe this began with the 308 model. For my money, I like the Rega Apollo.Vlad 
budget cd player
I own an Onix CD-99 and I love it. I also have owned the NAD c542. I think as far as sound they are about equal. The NAD sounded a little too bright for me. The looks and warranty (3 years!) make the Onix a no brainer at this price point. I purcha... 
Cayin CD50-T Anybody audition or own this?
Thrusty and Invincible, thanks for your input!Vlad. 
Sugden A21 AP or Pass Labs Aleph 30?
I would like to hear from any more Sugden or Pass Aleph 30 owners.Thanks 
Revox B795 Turntable
Thanks for the input! Vlad. 
Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?
My vote goes for the ATC SCM 7. You can usually find them used for about $700-$750. The only caveat with these speakers, is you will need a powerful amp to drive them (84db). They are incredibly detailed. I think they are the best speakers in this... 
Seeking hot running amps
My vote goes to the Mccormack DNA-1. The fact that it operated so hot, actually contributed to my getting rid of it. An excellent sounding amp.ThanksRoger. 
Do you know of small speakers that sound ''BIG'' ?
My vote would go to the ATC SCM-7 bookshelf speakers. These speakers really sound "big" and can handle up to 250 watts.Vlad1456 
Arcam CD73t or Rega Planet 2000
Sandaman, where can you get these cd players for $400 new? That is a great deal! I have heard the Rega and was very impressed with its detail and overall non-fatigueing listening experience. I hear that the new Rega Apollo is much better sounding ... 
HDCD a flash in the pan already??
PMT1209, I agree with your selection. The Musical Hall cd-25 is a great buy at the price point you could afford. I owned one in the past and was very happy with it. I hope you enjoy your new cd player.Enjoy!Roger. 
HDCD a flash in the pan already??
I own a Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 MKII tube HDCD dac (these can be found for between 500-700$). This baby sings, especially with hdcd disks. The Doors and Roxy Music catalogues have been re-released in HDCD and they sound great. Yes, I do wish there w... 
Eastern Electric Tubed CD player: Good Value??
I owned a Minimax cd player in the past. At the $700 to $1000 price point, it is hard to beat. The tubes are very easy to swap out for tube rolling and the fit and finish is top notch. The sound is every bit as good as a Jolida but I think the fit...