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Integrated amplifier below 1.5K for Sonus Faber?
I like the prima luna .. have the dialogue one and its beautifulhere's some reviews,,you can pick one up at times used on the gonhttp://www.upscaleaudio.com/primaluna/pro1reviews.htm#dia2peace vm 
Best speakers for Primaluna Dialouge 2 "TUBES"
I have the maggies 1.6 with the dialogue one and it seems for the music your intopuurfect! 
Speakers for Primaluna 3/5
focus audio 78 se floor688 se monitor788 se floorstander ,,,maybe used[much cheaper]i currently use maggies ,,but if & when i do go back to boxes,, I will choose the above spk\s.. end of discussion,,check reviews online..you'll seepeace v 
New Prima Luna Amp In Distress / Me Too
thanks newbee,,loving my prima one,,currently still using stock tubes ,,but I am getting the itch to roll,,maybe the cv4004 mullards,,and maybe slvania 12ax7 ,,then we'll see about output tubes later ,,thanks bro.v 
New Prima Luna Amp In Distress / Me Too
thanks for the reponse,,I ended up with a 3 month old prima one ,and I like it very much over my previous 25 watt tube intergarted ,,but I was wondering about tubes,,I am sure this thing can sound better then eh 12 ax7 in the front,,I had telefunk... 
New Prima Luna Amp In Distress / Me Too
hi,,I currently am intersted in the prima luna amp..I saw your thread on audioggon,,do you sttill have it and are you still happy with it,,this week i heard the prima 2 and one i found the one to be warmer,,maybe it was because of the kt88 tubes,,... 
Buget system idea?
maggies love tubes ,,I know i used 25 watter audio innovations that sounded sweet but not deafening,,I herd the primaluna 2 with my 1.6 maggies and they sounded the best i ever heard them ,,plenty of power there and that was only 40 watts,,[cayin ... 
Marantz 5300 -- Best Speaker Match
paradigm are better with nad products,,marantz ,,not too sure currently i have tryed mission ,,m series which are good for the money,,,,maybe psb would seem like a better match,,,get good cables though 
panasonic sa-xr45 vs marantz sr-5400
go for the marantz,,i prefer nad myself i have the t-761 ,,hence review here, http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/review_read.asp?ID=1879,,forget about panasonic,,,mass produced crap is what it is,,crap..v 
Eichmann Cables
well i have the express 4 for 150 canadian,,and i bought a used set of express 6 spk cables ,150 us,, and all i have to say is best value for the money,,,,wow ,,soundstage literally bounces of the sidewalls,,and detail,,way better then anything i ... 
Self-bias topology in Audio Innovations 800
hey guy i have the audio innovations s500 intergrated ,,and i changed the front pre tube 12ax7,,and i was told this amp is self biasing,,so no need to,,this guy is a pro with audio innovations he may know more about your amp,,,,,,,,,,, diho@hifi.nl 
Paradigm Speaker Question:
i have owned the studio 20,and atom,both very good,the 20's are a step up over the monitor 11 from paradigm,,the silver series MA are nice especially with tube amps,and the new paradigm signature are phenominal but at 3000 canadian,too much,the ne... 
Comparing Paradigm 60's v3
hey bro i had the studio 20's and i was looking at speakers to-linn kans ,small very musical,green mountain [high pitched and too detailed]quad nice,then i settled on the evo 30 in black,,i like them a lot and they are very close to the quad 22l,w... 
stands for quad 11
try the premier s- 26[go to paradigm.com website], inch on spikes and sand filled also bend at your knees and go up slowly and down and see if you can here a difference ,,also kimber 8tc cable sounds nice with your speakers for cable, 
Creek to Wharfedale, is good, but what cable?
hi,I am waiting on my black evo 30's,the source cd player i shall be using would be the cambridge cd6 [a little bright]and audioquest speaker cable [slate]also very detailed and a little bright,reference ultra link spk wire sounded good too[when i...