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converting oiled walnut to "rosenut" color
My experience has been any color stain added to an already dark color, darkens it even more, even if it does change it towards the color you want. Trying the bottom of the speaker first is very good advice although alot of speakers may not be vene... 
Shure V15 III loading experiences
Thanks for the responses guys. I can change the values w/o too much difficulty to experiment. Nice to know the direction that those values tend to lead the music. Happy Holidays and listening to all! 
Shure V15 III loading experiences
Thank you but data is no problem. Personal listening experiences are what I'm reaching for.FWIW, I'm building a phono pre and putting in parts orders for caps,resistors, etc. 
OTL recommendations for 105+ sensitivity horns
Well everybody, built the Transcendent SE OTL and had up and running for about 300 hrs. and am very pleased. Both with and w/o the SMS-1 which I still have to tune in on the manual settings. Still much to adjust overall, film at 11. Super quiet no... 
What Chores do Audiophiles Hate?
Trying to dig a 3ft. deep hole in a yard FULL of rocks on a friggin hot day. And then another...and another... andAnother good reason to go to sea 
down firing or front firing sub?
Thanks for the responses guys. I'm looking at constructing my own with a tapered back chamber with the Rythmik 12" + direct servo amp and position will / could have a bearing on its outer construction. 
how to clean brushed aluminum faceplate?
GOJO is my FIRST choice for almost all types of goo removal. Don't use the variety with pumice. It will definitely be abrasive.Good luck 
Best rock song of all times
It's 1973: Deep Purple's "Highway Star" set at "11". 17 yrs old + '67 327 camarro rs + all the "trimmings". Blackmore's lead: priceless. Never re-created that one, although lots of attempts. 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Custom made soda. Fresh fruit juice off the local trees with CO2 cartridge powered seltzer bottle. Unlimited variety of flavors. Used to be a Campbelltown (sp?) single malt though. 
Upgrade cdp
I'd consider keeping your CDP to cover your present library and going digital. That's my next move. Tremendous advances in that area. FWIW, my musical tastes aren't too far off from yours.Good Luck 
directional cables?
What if my pre amp (or TT or phono pre) has no ground pin on the power cord, just the power amp? What orientation now for the shielded IC's? 
Silver vs cryogenic treated copper
I prefer the greater conductivity of annealed silver (where affordable and practical) to maintain retreaval of signal and tune with tube swapping. I like the idea of at least having maximum signal transfer and go from there rather than try to reco... 
If money were no object, what would be in your rig
Money no object: Create a Hi-Fidelity Hall of Fame open to the public complete with working demonstrations. Have a wine cellar of NOS/NIB vacuum tubes. Travel around the country to buy veterans in the audio industry a information gathering five st... 
Essential Zappa: what's missing from my collectio
Don't recall exactly how instrumental:Weasels Ripped My FleshJoe's GarageHappy Hunting 
Mcintosh MC-2105 with Totem Hawk?
As the present owner of a 2105, serviced in the last 2 yrs, I've been using it for the last 12 yrs. I must like it enough not to have replaced it after all this time but it is not high on the audio food chain by todays standards. BE ADVISED!: you ...