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Does anyone collect something else other than music.
I collect elac miracord 50 and 770H  automatic German turntable to repair and resell. I have a pretty good collection of about a dozen Hickok tube testers ready to sell and a small but tasty collection of pre-amp tubes, a collection of novelty lig... 
Moving cables around killed dynamics for days anyone else experience this?
Schroeder is wrong. Cables develop directional molecule flow. When you disturb the cables that is compromised until they have time to form again. The wiring and the dialectric both. Some people believe that all cd players sound the same.  
Herbie’s Super Black Hole CD Mat - Wow!
How are these mentioned mats different than the craze of the eighties when it was discovered that a shade of blue green was the optimum color for laser defraction or flection. Some Japanese cos. still incorporate the color into the insides of ther... 
A good taste of DSD--what is your experience?
I have the mobile fidelity vinyl , early European vinyl. The sacd versions outshines them all. Stones albums just were never well recorded. Especially the crap they sent over here in the early days.  
RCA vs Phono cable
many good TTs like my VPI aries use standard rca plugs and any cable will work. Shielding will be the highest concern. 
Outrageous used pricing on older McIntosh
I ran a Mc240 amp and an Mx110 turner pre for decades as my pimp stereo and still to this day I jones for that sound again. Paid $200. from a friend in 75, and sold for $1800 in 95. People pay it because they are rare in good shape, they were buil... 
NEW Discovery: Getting the Oppo DSD Output to a Dac.
Sony( from what the man who designs and makes the exosound dacs, some of the best dsd capable dacs on the market, told me,) does not allow sacd signals to altered by another outboard dac by copyright.