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I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k
Aavik all day, every day but that U-300 listed is at least 5k overpriced and 3 generations old. I owned the 300 and loved it, sold me on Aavik, but 15k is about what I paid 6yrs ago. Apologies to the seller if reading this.   
Paypal Friends and Family
I’ve sent 10+ FF in the last month ranging from a couple hundred to several thousand and neither I nor the receiver have incurred a fee.   
Paypal Friends and Family
Did you by chance indicate what it was for?  
Integrated Amplifier for Raidho XT-2
As one who owned the X1 (twice), X2, TD1.2 and TD3.2 I can tell first hand the Raidho's have specific needs to make them sing. It's impossible to gauge what a Raidho will sound like with an amp using a completely different speaker. The absolute be... 
Aavik U-150, U-180 or U-280
I also have the U-280, the U-300 before it. AGD is where I'll be living out my golden years.  
From separate streamer and DAC to al-in-one suggestion
+1 for the X1  
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
@juanmanuelfangioii you stated "Looking for Class D Integrated Amps" after my post, was that in response? The S2 is an integrated D class amp    
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
The latest batch doesn't necessarily equate to better, want is D class done correctly.. I have a Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 that I'm parting with that's close to your price range. Fantastic sounding D class, very close the the Aavik U300 it replace... 
trying to contact Albertsportis
I bought a sub from him many years ago, we had a great interaction and even added him to my contacts for future business. Haven’t been able to reach him since. Doesn’t respond to calls, emails or his own ads. I’ve even made full price offers on i... 
What do you use to keep high gloss speakers clean?
I leave them covered when not in use, works like a charm.  
Does anyone own Raidho TD3.2 ?
Sorry, just saw this, yes I own the TD3.2's They are the last speaker I will own.  
Sharing my experience with cables
@hilde45   In your analogy are we to assume that Starbucks is actually good quality coffee?  
Lumin Amp
Fully treated (maybe too much?) 14x22x10 Room X1--> Rogue RP9--> DragoN--> Raidho XT1 + REL S/510 X1--> DragoN--> Raidho XT1 + REL S/510 X1--> AMP--> Raidho TD1.2 + Dual S/510's X1--> AAVIK U-300--> Raidho TD3.2 + Du... 
Lumin Amp
Yes, I had the AMP paired with my X1 for a year. Looong break in period, maybe 400-500 hours but honestly I stopped paying attention to the hours as it opened up more and more. End result is a perfect match for the X1, a synergy that I haven’t bee... 
Competitive class D amp suggestions
+1 on the Rogue Dragon, have owned 2 and the Medusa that proceeded it. Fantastic, versatile amp that really sang for me using Telefunken's.