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If you could only keep 5 record albums, what would they be?
Dark Side Of The MoonRevolverThick As A BrickFragileIn Rainbows 
What are you going to buy / download this season?
Just bought latest releases:MuseRoseanne CashCowboy Junkies 
Quad S-2
Quad S-2
Lalin, I know you’re not very bright so I’ll say this one more time. It’s not about me. Please pay attention. I retired and closed the business in 2014. I’ve mentioned this in numerous threads yet you appear to have the attention span of a gnat. E... 
Quad S-2
The topic is specific yet this self absorbed dealer smears yet one more thread with his pomposity and shameless advertising making sure other product lines are mentioned. LOL 
The Cartridge and Stylus makes a big difference.
Without the stability of a good table and high quality tonearm, the best cartridge in the world is underperforming.  
Drink of choice for serious listening?
@jond Thank you. I started in 1980 but really haven’t bought much since 2005, a truly spectacular vintage across France. Now the goal is living long enough to reduce inventory. :-) 
Greatest debut album
“The Byrds” was actually the title of their 1973 reunion album on Asylum.  David Geffen offered them a boatload to do it.  
Greatest debut album
The Byrds debut album is not self titled. It’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”Nor is Chicago’s debut album. It’s “Chicago Transit Authority”. 
Drink of choice for serious listening?
@jond I bought 22 cases of Bordeaux futures in 1991 but no it is not my every day go to. BTW, the 2005 is even better.  
Discontinued equipment that you wish were still here. What do you miss or think will miss?
The Adam Audio Tensor speakers.  
Whats the FATTEST sounding Tube amp to warm up Lean speakers?
Jadis or VAC 
Drink of choice for serious listening?
1990 L’Angelus 
Talk but not walk?
I’d visit you but opted to cut my toenails instead.  
What is the first album you purchased, and do you still have it?
“Buddy Holly”Buddy Holly1958Yup, and it’s still in my regular rotation.