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Crackle and hiss on some albums
I offer another PVF salutation as possible help for your problem with noise. I’ve several albums that were purchased in both vinyl and RTR played on my prosumer Studer. Of course, tape is without extraneous noise and has a stronger dynamic range. ... 
What to do with dead equipment
Sell it deeply discounted for “parts”. The market by individual buyers can be surprisingly broad and brisk. Good luck.  
Why is selling used stereo equipment involve people from the sales platform?
I wish it were that simple, The seller is not given the option of igniting the guidance and still posting. That’s not a recommendation. It’s a mandate.   
Why do people like reel to reel players?
I’ve high end 2 channel analog gear that includes a refurbished pro Studer. RTR is expensive, laborious, and of limited selection. But the SQ is so good that I’d do it again. The best dynamic range and detail that I’ve heard is RTR. My analogy is ... 
"Diminishing Returns"
Let the choir say Amen!  
Subwoofer Basics Help
I’ve 300B SET mono blocks and run Rythmik and Rel sub pairs. Both brands are nice, but the small RELs have modest SPL with limited flexibility. REL is speaker level input; Rythmik is both. As I understand your connections, a high quality line spli... 
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
Thanks for reminding us of nocebo effects with subjective performance assessments.  
Rel t9x or Rythmik F12G
I’ve two Rythmik F12 and a pair of REL T/9x in my 2 channel music room. Rythmik’s on the from wall. One REL on each side wall. The Rythmik’s are much less costly, more detailed, and greatly more adaptable. Rythmik build quality and cosmetics are a... 
Subwoofer power conditioner
I plug my 2 Rythmik subs and 2 REL subs into PS Audio power regenerators. I’m in a rural NC county.  
Getting 2 subs
my experience with large subs is that the frequency is to low and for me to hear close up , so is it ok to get 2 different size subs to cover a wider spectrum of bass or get 2 matching subs?   You’ve described  my successful approach to increasin... 
Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?
I’ve a dedicated 2 channel listening room that is your size but higher ceilings. I gradually added SW’s, so have a strong comparison. My aim was to increase’s the sound pressure level across the room without boominess and retain LF detail. I now h... 
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Consider Icon Audio out of UK. Their No. Am. Distributor in Canada in excellent.   
Dynamic Range - the golden key to music nirvana?
As a learning experience, is there a citation you can share supporting your third paragraph?  
Dynamic Range - the golden key to music nirvana?
Have you had an experience with open reel to reel recordings played back on a high quality tape machines, like Studer, Otari, Revox, or Nagra The improved sound quality over other sources is genuine to me and reflects the enhanced dynamic range of... 
Vinyl Lovers
Before purchasing new albums, consider a trial of cleaning a few using Perfect Vinyl Forever. I’ve used a top tier US-based cleaner, and found that Perfect Vinyl’s two step process renders an even better sound. However, they’re costly but can addr...