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All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!
I own magico q5’s and was driving them with a Vitus sis-025 integrated amp with no issue for several yrs. 125 watts per channel. I have since changed to separates and the configuration of my system. But the Vitus had no issue. Not to say a more po... 
Technics SL-1200 goes out of production
Technics SL-1200 goes out of production
Hi jcarr I have Lyra Atlas SL I am using on a Thales statement tonearm. After a period of time I noticed the cantilever bent toward the center of the record and the first and last songs on an album side sounding like the singer was singing in wate... 
Linear tracking turntables, whatever happened?
I have a Thales. I have had a lot of tonearms. This is my last. No where else to go. There maybe equals. Not better. My view only. ✌️🖖 
Hi,We can't comment on Roon just yet, but we are all big fans of Roon here at Qobuz US. We hope to give you good news at some point :)Thank you,Qobuz USHello You are now a Qobuz Studio subscriber! Your subscription is active until 2/2/19. It will ... 
It is available now! I have but does not integrate with Roon. I have spoken with a knowledgeable person confirming this 
Signed up but can’t use. Seems not Roon able. Anyone know different? 
My experience after lost of 20k$
This is why you don’t take advise from these forums. Especially the starter of this forum. No idea what he/she/them are talking about! I have been a vinyl guy along time. I love vinyl. It’s got nothing ( depending on the vinyl record) on my digita... 
Hi there, Qobuz is not yet available to the public in the USA but starting this month we will be launching an open beta. Watch online for a spot to sign up for the beta waiting list. You'll have access soon. Best, Qobuz USA 
Advice on new PC strictly for audio
Windows 10 silent pc. Don’t know what your budget is? 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Christine and the Queens’s “Christine and the Queens”(both French and English versions), White Demin’s  “Performance “,  Grapetooth’s “Grapetooth” and Michael Rault’s “it’s a new Day Tonight” and “Living Daylight “. All new artists with great albu... 
Tell me about Thales TTT compact turntable
Tell me about Thales TTT compact turntable
His and your loss lean! 
Tell me about Thales TTT compact turntable
Thales simplicity 11 and statement, are in my view, game changers. I have owned a fair amount of tonearms over the last 20yrs. Looking for that final purchase. Thales is it. Done! Nothing other then the walker or Schroeder LT compares to it. Maste... 
Audirvana vs Roon
I am new to Roon. Took a little time to understand it’s fuctions coming from jriver. It basically is a remote control. One that works very well with smartphones and pads. Streamlines everything. The quality of sound comes from the dac, recording a...