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Qobuz hell
Qobuz "customer service" in one word: awful.     
Are your listening levels healthy? Doing damage?
No.  Probably.  And have the same pattern as @markalarsen.    
Finding a Power Amplifier for Luxman C-900U
My understanding is Magico has use Luxman in several of their high-end audio show set ups, as the two are reputed to make magic together (pun intended).  So I would also suggest trying the m900u.  I currently use the c900u with a pair of m900u (in... 
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
No, no, and no.    
Magico S3 mkII
@rman9, belay that request.  I see you have answered my question thoroughly in other threads.  Thx.  
Magico S3 mkII
@rman9:  Curious to hear your opinions on the MC462 vs the Luxman?    
Please Recommend Highly Efficient Floor Standing Non-Horn Speaker Suggestions
Very surprised I'm only the second vote for an obvious recommendation in response to the OP's question: TANNOY.    
Quick Question for Tannoy Legacy Arden Owners
Got the answer (560mm W x 340mm deep).  Thanks to Yakbob.  Am all set.    
Quick Question for Tannoy Legacy Arden Owners
Alas, dealer is out of stock, and none of the Tannoy manuals have that particular dimension.    
Recommended S.S. amp type for TANNOY 15'' speakers
Question for Yakbob (but of course all are welcome).  I was surprised that you are using the MC2300 with Pass amp.   Isn't there a mismatch between the MC2300 output impedance vs. Pass input impedance?   My recollection is this is not an ideal pai... 
Looking for High End Car/Truck Audio Dealer in New England
Many thanks, guys.   
Does anyone have any experience of hybrid valve and solid state power amps?
Einstein Audio:  The Light in the Dark 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
Typo correction: meant to say "sold," not "sole."   
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
If not already sole, your Kef Ref 3s properly matched with a sub (or two), might surprise you big time.  That said, if you remain dead set against a sub, read no further.  We use the three-way Kef Reference 201.2 monitors, which produce not much b... 
Einstein The Tube Preamp, Need A Favor From Fellow Owner
Thanks, I've already done that, and its great for holding the tubes in place on their delicate mountings.  But the bigger risk is that during shipping the box is turned on end or upside down, in which case the weight of the preamp itself (notwiths...