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Best Headphone system under $1000???
A used pair of Stax L300 Limited edition and an energizer most likely. 
Best speakers for max. $3000?
Buchardt S400 
What are some of the most underrated and overrated loudspeakers you’ve auditioned?
Paradigm Persona (expensive copycat of B&W) and Joseph Audio (expensive speaker with off the shelf drivers, no low diffraction cab or waveguide even, can easily be replicated for a cheaper price). 
Salk Audio Sound
Most of Salk's speakers are pretty neutral but the one's with the RAAL tweeter will sound like they have extra air because of the excessively wide horizontal dispersion of the RAAL tweeter. 
At $1500 a pair (the close-out price) I think they are interesting because while I think the R3 is better overrall, it's an extra $500 for a smaller cabinet and better bass extension. It certainly adds a lot of pressure in the $1-2k market. 
Aren’t you 1 man army guy who keeps defending the Paradigm Persona and it’s wacky frequency response against the rest of the forum? lol 
Adante are a great speaker for vocals. They have the same wide and uniform dispersion as the KEF, but is slightly flatter in response in the range of vocal harmonics (2-8K). Where the KEF is maybe +/- 1db in this range, the Adante is closer to +/-... 
Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?
@brrgrr sometimes prices in various countries makes no sense. Usher products cost like more than twice as much in the U.S. as they do in Taiwan. Elac costs more than twice as much in the UK than in the U.S. KEF costs like 35-50% cheaper in UK than... 
Raidho D1.1 is now a Legacy speaker
Considering there have been tons of dealers selling brand new in box raidho speakers at 40-50% of msrp, Raidho seems to be generally priced much higher than what the market can really support. If I’m gonna drop that much cash I’ll want a full rang... 
How thick should the front baffle of speakers be?
The aluminum front baffles are interesting like kef ref and elac adante without having to go full aluminum. Ascend acoustics uses bamboo which is also very stiff. 
Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?
@verdantaudio I assume you are referring specifically to the Joseph Audio Pulsar. Pretty much any ID company can deliver you the same product for half the price or less. They intentionally priced that speaker with a massive arbitrage gap. 
New Magico A1 Bookshelf Speakers!
I don’t know about "ultimate bookshelf." I would still consider the KEF Reference 1 the reference (no pun intended) at this price range given it’s mseasurements. Magico, whether intentionally or not, still have narrow directivity at the crossover ... 
Ascend towers with Raal owners
They are competitive with larger, more expensive speakers using RAAL tweeters, but are bass shy for towers. They definitely need subwoofers, or if your SPL requirements aren't high, you can max bass boost with REW or Dirac Live and you should be O... 
Thoughts wanted for new speaker design
@jeffseight The Joseph Audio Pulsars are using off-the-shelf drivers. You can easily find a professional who will assemble a comparable speaker for $4k or less. The main thing is the cabinet aesthetics probably won’t be comparable.The markup on th... 
Could headphones be used to evaluate speakers?
You can only convey the on-axis behavior of a speaker on a headphone. And even then it's assuming you have properly calibrated the headphone to match your HRTF, which can be tricky. And I think sound power is a better representation of overall ton...