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need some suggestions for Acoustics Blues
Doc Watson, "Trouble in Mind" his new country blues anthology. Plain and simply "Doc" is one of the great pickers of all time with a great singing voice to boot. You really can't go wrong with virtually anything "Doc" has put out. 
Blues /rock: music recommendations?
I would buy some Rory Gallagher. "Live in Europe", "the Irish Tour",or "Live at the BBC" for live music. "Calling card" or "Tattoo" for studio. Make sure you get the re-mastered versions, as the sound is much better. 
Who R U?
I'm 49 years old and live in N Minnesota. I work for a paper company. I'm married, and both my wife and I are avid homebrewers. My gear is modest by this sites standards (I think): Nestorovic 5AS T-cabinet speakers, adcom GFA 555 200w/c amplifier,...