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Yet another need help with a ground hum thread
So I got the hum to go away. I initially ran the circuit to a junction box and split off to go to each outlet in the separate rooms. I had an extra wire in the run to the living room box. So instead of splitting power at the junction I ran just po... 
Yet another need help with a ground hum thread
Erik. The turntable and pre are in the same room. The longer run of rca’s is on the out side of the pre and is about 20’ from Blue Jean cables. I believe it is fairly well shielded I have other BJ cable in close proximity to power with no hum. Tab... 
Need help with a forced downgrade
I have a guy locally that has a Technics SL1200 M3d and a SL1700MKII. Both look to be in near mint condition. He is asking  $500 for the 1200 and $350 for the 1700. If I understand they have the same arm and motor. The difference is the 1700 is su... 
New Scout 1.1 with hum issues, kind of fixed?
You also might try sanding the pivot pin the arm sits on. There was a short period where the unipivot came coated. With that coating the arm has no way to ground itself. I had this issue on my Prime and was told to use very fine steel wool until I... 
Mounting a cartridge
I would give Music Direct a call. They can certainly guide you toward the tools you will need. Thay may also let you sit in while they mount your cartridge.  
New Cartridge Suggestions
You should try Music Direct. They are on the North side of Chicago west of Ashland and North of Foster. When I lived there they were always very helpful and never pushed me into something I could't afford. 
Considering used towers under $1000..
They are a bit of a stretch over your $1000 budget but you may be able to get a listen to a Tekton speaker. This listing on Audiomart is in Chicago for the Pendragons ($1300)https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649351477-uncompromising-speakers-tek... 
Seeking subwoofer recommendation
+4 for svs. Great subs excellent value amazing customer support. 
Tekton DI Monitors
Jayctoy where does that put you in terms of frequency. Each manufacture has a different starting point for crossover. For example the svs at 9-o’clock would be right about 70hz.  
Tekton DI Monitors
Hi everyone I just purchased a pair of the Impact Monitors. I have about 80+ hours on them. They are sounding great. I am wanting to fill in the lower frequency range a bit so I picked up a pair of SVS sb1000’s . My question is to folks using subs... 
Dedicated lines in ABQ
Did you ever find an electrician ?if not I would recommend Bright Ideas. Josh Buchanan runs the company and is a stand up guy. His prices are very reasonable.  Tell him Ian Wilson referred you his # is 505-450-3084 
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
Technics SL-1600Rega planer 1Project 2-xperinceVPI scout 2016VPiI Primeand I believe it will end with the Prime. 
Upgrade from Jolida JD9 Mk 2 phono stage?
I went from the Jolida to an Avid Pulsus to an Icon Audio ps1 Mkii.  The Avid was in my opinion very detailed and quiet. It was a little on the cool side of neutral. I really missed the midrange of tubes and the ability to handle the clicks and po... 
Upgrade from Jolida JD9 Mk 2 phono stage?
Are you wanting to stick with tubes or is solid state okay? 
Jolida owners, Need tube help
The gold lion gold pins are great for sure. I also rely like the northern electric tube from the tube store. They are very neutral and clean sounding.