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Axpona 2023
I listened to these speakers as well.  I could not believe the room filling sound and bass coming from something this small.  Powered, an onboard streamer!  At a price of 4k or whatever, these speakers are excellant.  
Next upgrade?
That book is $348 on amazon...  
Budget High Current Power Cords
+1 cullen cables.  Patrick is great to work with. 
Does a Subwoofer Make Spiking Redundant?
My system is on the second floor. I added some of the mentioned Nobsound springs to subwoofers and noticed my kitchen lights (one floor bellow) don't rattle as much. However, I feel as though my subs lost some punch.   
Is louder better?
If it's too loud,  you're too old 
Stereophile Profiles Carpets and Curtains again ....
If you have a carpeted floor you can show off your speaker cable risers. They are made from space age polymers and are impregnated with crystals that decrease the static electricity affecting your sound stage and imaging.  You probably need 4-6 ri... 
Axpona 2019
I hit a few seminars on saturday.Turntable setup: was good pretty basic  stuff.Critical listining: ehhh.  Not too good. Lots of people getting up and leaving during the presentation.Future of hi-fi resolution: good. Interesting. Informative. 
Axpona 2019, what to expect
I was hoping to hit a few seminars also.  I'm a newbie so the turntable setup and critical listing seminars are on my list. 
Turntable background noise
That's funny, it is a grado cartridge. Thanks for your response. 
Only you expensive cable owners, is this real?
Geoff, the website is.... great.  I will consider your products before making any future upgrades. 
Schiit not that Good?
I just bought a vidar/saga/modi 2 multibit setup.  I'm broke and on a budget. The total for all 3 pieces was $1340.  For the price it is a fantastic value.  It sounds and looks great. Plus made in the US.  
Digital Audio for Dummies
I dont want to go off topic from the op but I have a similar question.I have a dac.  I have ripped all of my cds in FLAC form to a laptop.  I want to stream those music files from my laptop to my DAC via my wifi.  I bought a chromecast but cannot ... 
Budget American made speakers?
Thanks ctsooner, will definantly have to check that place out. My wifes Dad lives near state fair park so I get to that area here and there. 
Budget American made speakers?
@schubert Thanks dude, you are absolutly right about "mamma".But, Im still a little sore that you said i dont appreciate symphony because i drink beer. My dad was a big sympony nut, especially on records. I grew up on it, along with 70’s rock(im 3... 
Budget American made speakers?
Actually, I wouldnt mind floorstanders, but my wife "doesnt want to look at big ugly speakers all the time." I dont know what her problem is.The 1k budget is also do to said wife.God I am so whipped, im going to jump off a bridge now.