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Anyone going to see the Police?
I've got a pair of tickets to see them in Miami, but it's at the Dolphin's stadium and up in the nose bleed section. They were $90 each plus processing. I think it was $207 in total. Just being there will be enough for me. If they sound good that ... 
Wife/girlfriend or audio: if you had to chose?
Audio (0)Makes it pretty easy, I guess. 
How many pair of speakers do you own?
6 pairs. MBL 101E, Talon Khorus, Talon Peregrine, Newform Research R645, Martin Logan Aerius, Magnepan MG1. Actually, I've got 5 of the Talon Peregrines, used in a 7.1 system. 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
First of all, I agree that you should always ask about discounts. Nobody should be offended by your questions, and if they are, then simply look elsewhere. I've found that most high end audio dealers are pretty straight forward about what they can... 
cables for Talon Khorus
Sorry, it was implied (above) but not stated directly... but this is with the Talon Khorus, which were my main speakers for about 3 years. They're now in my 2nd system. 
cables for Talon Khorus
I've tried several different speaker cables, but settled in on the Virtual Dymanics Masters. They made a big difference in terms of dynamics, sense of air / space between instruments, and probably had the overall effect that you're looking for in ... 
Grado RS2 Headphones & Grado Amp
Give it 100 hours or so at a slightly higher volume than you would normally listen at. The RS-2's are kind of 'bright' out of the box but will settle down a little. I've never owned them myself, but have 5 other pairs of Grados and they all use dr... 
mbl amp stands--
Funny, I had the same question about my 9008A amps but made the decision to go with the SP-101's without having seen this thread. I'm going to use another pair of SP-101's for the 101E speakers as well. 
MBL 101e's vs. Soundlab U-1's
David, I've been following your decision making process here and at the AVS Forum. All of the suggestions in this thead are excellent. I've heard a number of the above speakers, but ended up with the 101E's as well as the MBL 6010D preamp and a pa... 
I'm Looking For the Best
BEAVIS: "Onhwy61: How about we make a deal that when you've "reached the summit of bestiality", we'll just take your word for it..." BUTTHEAD: Uh, is that like having s@x with animals? Uh, huh huh... 
Best Box Sets?
Pretty much anything done by Rhino. Check out their website. Also check yourmusic.com because they catty quite a few of them and for $5.99 per disc shipped you can't go wrong. The Dylan SACD box set is available at yourmusic.com for less than $100... 
best phono-stage for 1200$ max.
You might consider trying the Ray Samuels Audio HR-2: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0603/midmonth/emmelinexr2.htm 
Headphone Amp with Remote ? Antique Sound LH-01?
The Sugden Headmaster comes in 2 versions, one with a remote, and one without. It can also serve as a decent preamp for a small system. I can't think of any others off the top of my head. 
Best int. amp for AKG K1000's-Cary, Manley, Creek?
Edman, no need for a headphone jack with the K1000's. They come stock with bare wires so they can be hooked up to speaker teminals. You can have an adapter cable made to convert them to a standard 1/4" headphone plug if you want to use them with h... 
Dire Straits and Eagles XRCD worth $37?
The new hybrid SACD version of BIA is supposedly even better than the XRCD version. I'm not sure about the redbook layer of the hybrid relative to the XRCD, but the folks at SH Forums are reporting good things about the SACD layer. Apparently, the...