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Stand out phono stages
Has anyone heard the Van Den Hul The Grail SB if so can you comment. 
Exogal DAC
Was wondering the same thing. I have no idea how it sounds other than few reviews. From what i have heard nothing really sticks out and ever so slightly a touch warm. I would say competes with Aurlic Vega. I like to hear from some real owners. 
NOS DAC's without any digital filtering?
Coli's right. But i have enjoyed my PS PWD II with 2.0.2 firmware all others did not sound right. 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
Thanks Mitch@! 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
only one person has this dac in the world? 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
Can we get some more comments on how this dac really sounds. Y'all guys sound like a bunch of politicians. 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
People have compared TOTALdac usb to everything everyone seems to pick the Totaldac. I wonder how their aes/ebu is? I have aerial 20t's i am hoping if i get the Pavane the bass will be really good as well. There is one guy that has the Pavane and ... 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
How is the bass with this unit? 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
You can use it for surround? 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
How about the totaldac usb?? 
Metrum Pavane NOS DAC
Really like to hear more about it for sure!! 
What is the best OTL out there?
david berning big splash at axponia and newport. Great stuff. 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
IF you are looking for an amp and love the M1 why don't you buy the Bricasti amps. I believe it would be a much bigger upgrade with their amps than the the dac. From what i heard i thought they where amazing! 
Bricasti M1 USB
Don't get carried away, everyone that sells both Bricasti and Berkeley say the Berkeley is much better and more involving and musical. There are a lot of Dacs out there that are really good. 
Krell Duo 300 compared to Evo 302e or 402e?
Anyone hear the new Mono Solo's?