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Budget Cables for Budget setup - pls advise
Blue Jeans cables 
Suggestions for inexpensive desktop system?
I can't recommend the Focal system more.http://www.xs-focal.com/ 
Active monitors, 3k used, great nearfield sound
Focal XS. There's nothing better for the money, it's a purchase you'll never regret.http://www.xs-focal.com/ 
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
http://www.freightcenter.com/Index.aspxI've used them to ship B&W 801N's and Klipschorns.You can also use Craters and Freighters but between the stratospheric prices and the crappy attitude, you'll need more patience and money than I've got. 
Songs that Inspire or Move you
Bill Withers - Use Me 
In need of Audio Research preamp recommendation
$5,000 or less 
The Hub: Here's some GOOD NEWS from the audio biz
Similarly, David Schultz of Transparent Cable is traveling to newly-opened markets, and finds them to be booming."I’m at a show in Vietnam right now," writes David. "A large distributor has sixty dealers attending the show. Next stop is Vientiane,... 
McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?
A fellow A'Goner had earlier suggested I look into Roger Sanders Magtech amp as a superior investment as compared to the Mac.Lemme guess.... Soundlock from the 423 area code. This nut is calling, emailing and replying to everyone pushing the Magte... 
Ess Sabre Dacs
Ballan,ok then, #$%^ the dac, comment on the analog stages 
Last time you felt that "tingling" sensation?
Obama speech.... up my leg 
Wilson Audio- The rest of the story
Ah, the overachiever in class with his hand up waving wildly. Okay, I'll call on you. You are correct. I should have said 4-5 times markup from manufactured cost to end user. I was speaking conceptually, but you knew that...... 
Wilson Audio- The rest of the story
IMHO it's a sorry state of affairs when we (the progeny of PT Barnum's prognostication) need to trumpet the customer service from a supplier retailing a $16,700 product grossing 4-500% profit.The real issue here would seem to be why you needed to ... 
How is Mid Fi defined?
HiFi is EVERYTHING reviewed in Stereophile and TAS. 
Amp for Revel Gems
Audio Research D400 MKII ?????? 
Amp for Revel Gems
Odyssey Stratos?http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products-stratos-mono.html