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8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
@undefined:  Who is the "independent record label that releases only on open reel tape" ? 
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
If you recorded your own cassettes then yes, better than 8 track--but IMO prerecorded 8T better than most prerecorded cassettes mainly b/c of tape speed.  I have cassettes recorded on Nak cr-4A which is still in my system but the tapes haven't rea... 
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
@oldhvymec:   Ahh the good old days when we could drink and fix anything--ok, maybe not well but make it work.  Up until about 10 years ago i kept a Realistic 8 track player in my system just because i had a bunch of 8 track tapes i liked--i disag... 
RMAF is no more
What !!!!  Is there a link to this announcement?  I can believe cancelled for this year but why would they just dump the whole thing for the future?  And who's in charge of determining that ?! 
Everybody’s Top 5 - Vinyl
@tomic601   Our lists have 3 in common--would be a tough choice but i might substitute Van Cliburn and the Chicago Symphony doing Tchaikovsky/Rachmaninoff and I would sub Brothers in Arms for Eva although lacking a female vocalist is tough 
Will the placement of casters on speaker stands degrade the performance
@johnspain--I faced the same problem with a pair of Rockports and used casters under thick mdf just to move--they locked as jjss49 said--when i found the location they sounded best i removed the mdf with casters and put symposium acoustics platfor... 
What phono preamp are you using?
Probably can't go wrong with any of them--i have the Herron purchased last year and Keith gave me a deal--call him 
Looking for a new phono preamp
Hopefully Keith gave you a deal--he did for me 8 months ago and i couldn't be happier with the Herron--replaced a MS Phonomena II although i didn't have the linear power supply so perhaps didn't give it enough credit--disagree that the Herron does... 
Why so many angry audiophiles?
+1 @cal3713 Don't know if "angry" is the right word @mapman - "condescending, know-it-all could easily be substituted. 
Increasing bass on floor standing speakers
You may find it useful to download a Real Time Analyzer (RTA) to your phone and check your room for bass modes and nulls--then you will see if your listening position is in a null.  I use AudioTools but there are many others.  You can also use a f... 
Speaker recommendation $10-20K (with some requirements!)
@mathiasmingus--lots of recommendations to ponder--my 2 cents:1.agree with @chorus & others--start with room treatment for harsh highs/mids--easier to address and absolutely necessary before changing speakers2. Those Bryston amps are powerful ... 
Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!
@aural_grat--or try to tune a guitar when fully under the influence !  But i've got news for you--on 2.5 mg you are still "stoned"--only just enough for the music, but not enough to be stupefied.  As i'm sure you know being in the profession, toda... 
Take that to good will
@roxy54 --robelvick was just re-doing the OP's post backwards.  I'm with the group that wants to know what the point is ? 
Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!
@sokogear--ain't that the truth--i leave mine in the system so the bars and pretty lights show up and dance, but it's not in the sound signal loop 
The survival of the fittest.
@jpwarren58-  "Tweak Evangelist" and "Count of Concrete" totally made my day--i'm still laughing.BTW Count of Concrete--You can't say it's all marketing and it's all word of mouth in the same sentence--it's one or the other.