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Report from Rocky Mountain AudioFest
I agree with Jrw40 about the Mbl speaker room, and Audio Unlimited's room with Wilson speakers with BAT electronics. I'd also add the Kharma room with MBL electronics, and the Apogee Acoustics room. For bang for the buck, the Apogee room was the h... 
Aragon 4004 - Load Capacity Question
I believe the 4004 was rated as stable into 1 ohm. It should be fine. 
DVD / 5 channel receiver combo
Thanks for all of the responses. I'll look into them. 
ML Descent or Sunfire True Sub MkIV?
The Descent is the best sub I've heard. For my taste, it blows the Sunfire away. While it would be more musical, it would also be better for HT as well. Great balance between both applications.If you decide to pass on it, let me know... :)Good luc... 
Power cord suggestions for CDP and tube amp
JPS Digital AC for the CD player... 
can anyone reccomend a high quality receptacle
PS Audio and Shunyata have upgraded outlets. I've got the PS Audio in my system. 
PS Audio's Digital Link III DAC
Plato - I think Dtsag is referring to PS Audio's newly released DAC. 
Power Cords for Ayre K-5xe and V-5xe
I believe Ayre recommends Cardas Golden Reference. 
Favorite CD player around $2k or less used
The Ayre CX-7E is my current reference and it is great. You'll have a lot of choices in this price range. Have fun! 
Not sure if this is the site you went to, but you may want to post the topic there.http://www.audioworld.com/cgi-bin/sw/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&number=1They'll probably ask for some further details with respect to the other parts of you... 
recomendation on a power conditioner
My experience with PS Audio products - starting with the P300 - has convinced me of their benefit. As others above have stated, you may or may not need it, but I definitely feel that my system has been improved. As Avguygeorge suggested - try adn ... 
Free 78 RPM Records near Boston
OK. She's mainly interested in the jackets anyway. She wasn't planning to cover all of the walls. Just 10-20 placed throughout the room. :)Parrot - I didn't realize they were so fragile. Thanks for the tip. 
Free 78 RPM Records near Boston
Kubla - Not sure what you mean by your post... 
Free 78 RPM Records near Boston
I'd pay for shipping and handling (whatever you deem appropriate) if you can't find anyone to pick them up. My wife is a new teacher and she wants to decorate her room with a bunch of LPs on the walls. Let me know. Thanks, Erik (aka yipean). 
Where to sell 78RPM records?
My wife is a new teacher and is looking for LPs to hang on the walls of her classroom. If I pay for shipping, would you consider donating them to her school?