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Phono preamp comparison
Stringreen, I have been looking for one.  I have an Ayre cx7e for about 15 years.  Love it. 
Sleeves for gatefold albums
Thank you. 
Turntable set up HELP
Actually I meant look at the cantilever, not the stylus. 
Plasma tv & preamp hum-not a loop
Thanks guys. I tried moving cables and I know it is not a ground loop so I am leaning towards gmood1's answer. My pre's power supply is external. I am going to move it as far from the tv as I can and see what happens. 
Turntable set up HELP
Your stylus might not be straight. Examine it from the end of the cartridge. It should be 90 degrees on each side. If not you will get the skipping you describe. 
Plasma tv & preamp hum-not a loop
I forgot the important part. The hum only appears when the plasma is on. 
vinyl storage?????
Musicdirect.com has vinyl shelving that I am very pleased with. 
how long to wait for 1080p plasma?
Dave, Here is the Panasonic site http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ModelList?storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&catGroupId=14624. No 58 inch. Visualapex.com appears to be a good source. I am on my second panasonic plasma, ... 
how long to wait for 1080p plasma?
Panasonic already produces a 50" 1080p in their industrial model. June or July the consumer models will be released. 
av123/perpetual tech strata mini speakers
I don't have experience with their speakers but I do with their Perpetual Technology line and all I can say is your money is better spent elsewhere. 
Phono Stage Question
I have had both the EAR 834 and the GCPH. I prefer the EAR over the GCPH. But, I now have an Eastern Electric Minimax and imho is a much better sounding phono than the ear or gcph. 
Silverline Sonata II or III owners
I don't agree with Oz or Mike. But of course it is all personal. I have the Sonata III's and love them. I have tubes and perhaps Oz & Mike have ss. I am not local to you but I am to Silverline. I met Alan at his shop and had a most pleasurable... 
HDMI and Component
Sorry about the last post, the text keeps popping up with an auto password program I use. Rd's advice is sound. You can't go wrong with better cables. 
0 feedback sellers
Viridian,Are you giving any odds? How do I know you will pay up!!LOL 
Scratchy sound on certain notes right side only?
Sorry guys, I should have added what the phono pre is, the EAR is gone, I am using a ps audio gcph. It's definitely the gcph. Not the 99 as no problems on any other source. Gain on the 99 is in same position as it always has been.