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Be honest please
"Actually about 10% of the people that are wealthy actually earned it!If the shoe fits were it!John421 (Threads | Answers | This Thread)"And I thought cable companies make some wild claims. 
Newbie Question on Selecting USB Output
Why not just have a look at the manufacturers web site and see. If you do need a driver, they probably have the newest version for download. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
"11-15-15: CzariveyMitch2, your observation is again another proof that most of money paid for luxury and looks just like Prada or Luxotica.The value is still somewhere in $50 range."I take it, you've never had a pair of Prada shoes. I can't think... 
Wadia 121 Ground Loop Hum
What preamp and IC's are you using. 
Newbie Question on Selecting USB Output
You have to tell the PC to use USB for audio out, but its very simple. You may have to install drivers, but it depends on the DAC. Some you do, some you don't. 
looking for truly transparent affordable amp s
"May I inquire as to the system you had the KAV-250 in where you found it to sound as transparent as the Aleph 0? Thank you!"When I was making the comparison, I was talking about power. Even though the Krell was rated for much power, you wouldn't ... 
£15k $22k to spend on speakers...but which?
For your situation, I would read reviews of speakers in your price range, and pick the ones they say are best. 
Roksan 20plus motor issue
Plug your TT into an outlet directly and see if the problem still happens 
Admittedly a bit lost
"11-13-15: Badri@Zd542 Ah - I suspected that might be the case and was surprised that no one mentioned it. While I am not looking to replace my amp right now, when I get around to it, should I even look at tubes or should I switch to solid-state?"... 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
"Also you need to be naive enough to spend substantially more than actually needed. Scenic statement "This is how much $$$$$ I can spend on wires" is completely foolish."I disagree, although I understand your point. But once you get used to a cert... 
Be honest please
Rumour has it that Al gets asked for his autograph more than the rock star. 
Vintage DACs. Do they hold up over time?
The DAC's you list are very well made. They should continue to work for many years to come. 
Be honest please
"I can't stand when those vintage guys boast how great the receivers were from the 70's. I owned some of those receivers as a kid and I can tell you they don't hold a candle to what they are making nowadays."Maybe they buy vintage gear because the... 
Audioqest Wild Wood or Tara Lab Omega Gold?
I just of something in reference to Tara. Does their rectangular solid core conductors have an impact how gauge is measured? 
looking for truly transparent affordable amp s
"11-12-15: Djohnson54Lcherepkai,Not trying to sway you one way or the other but your comment regarding the Pass XA30.5 and power is a common misconception. Not sure why Pass doesn't try harder to set this straight. The following is from the measur...