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Whats playing on your system today?
Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind    
Bands/artists you never got to see live in their heyday, but would've liked to.
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
I agree with the OP.---------------------------------"Buy local"I think the local retailers need to realize it is almost 2022 and adapt their business to current times and expand their market via the Internet. There is no denying that this is how ... 
Bryston with vandersteen.
I had this exact same setup a little over a year ago.  Same amps and exact same speakers. I found that vertical bi-amping was better in my room. I really loved the 2CE sig II‘s. What a great speaker. Since that time I have moved on to a different ... 
Is it worth it to add a music server just for FLAC files?
@ mahler You are correct. I am mainly interested in local FLAC files from a hard drive. Since Qobuz is only about 5% of my listening that is not part of my equation.The 'less is more' side of me is telling me to stick with just the hard drive --&... 
Is it worth it to add a music server just for FLAC files?
@mastering92 What would the tiny desktop add to my setup? SSD -> Krell Digital Integrated which includes a DAC.BTW - I meant to say I am using an SSD not a HDD. Also I am not contemplating building a server, I would be buying something like an ... 
I feel bad for GenX'ers that missed out on the 60s and 70s.
Gen X'er here.....I believe (of course I wasn't there) that a lot of the music from the last 60s thru early 70s were partially (mostly??) inspired by the social changes going on at the time. A large change in society translated into great music.Th... 
List your breakthrough products that you’ve discovered on this audiophile Journey.
About eight months ago I purchased an Astell & Kern SE100 portable player. That together with the Campfire Audio Ara earphones and Campfire's pure silver litz cable sounds great.What made it a breakthrough for me was that it is portable. It wi... 
I feel bad for GenX'ers that missed out on the 60s and 70s.
I am a Gen X’er born in ‘72.  I wish I could have lived in London from about ‘65-‘72. Floyd, Stones, Beatles, Who, Zeppelin. Sounds good to me.  
CD Quality Versus Streaming Quality
In my system (Krell Digital Vanguard Integrated / SimAudio Moon Supernova CD / Wilson Cub Series 2) I have found the following.First place (tie)CD (balanced interconnect)Ripped FLAC files from hard driveSecond placeQobuzThird placeTidalFourth plac... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Pink Floyd Pulse 
Marty Stuart on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers:
I am a big Petty fan. I wasn’t an early fan due to my age, but I jumped on when I was in high school - around the Full Moon Fever time. That said, I think what makes him and the Heartbreakers special is that they are simply a pure rock and roll ba... 
New or Old CD Player?
I will be 55 years old in September. I go to work. Half of my job is dealing with computers. Will not connect to internet. Over. And over again. Where is the Tech Support guy? Password. After password after Password. I can’t remember them all. Whe... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Jamey JohnsonGuitar SongOne of my favorite end to end albums.”Taking depression pills in the Hollywood Hills acting like I’m playing the part” 
Krell Vanguard : with or without Digital Media module ?
I have the Vanguard with the digital option already. What kind of money are they wanting for the upgrade?