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Rush fans on the board ??
I was at the Madison Sq. Garden show last night. Once again the band performed beyond all expectations. This was my 17th time and left 100% satisfied. Spent pre-show at a favorite spot in Penn. Sta where they play the nights headliner right up unt... 
Background video - listen/watch different sources
Zoya and Chadnliz are correct. Any Yamaha can also accomplish this. I run hdmi direct from cable box to tv, run the audio through digital out to Yamaha...When you want to watch the game just select CD,Phono, whatever your music source is and lower... 
image on tv goes green
I have a 56' Samsung DLP around 6 yrs old. I have replaced the bulb, color wheel and light engine board in the last 14 months so I have some experience. Luckily, I had an extended 5 yr. warranty on to cover the board which runs around $1k for the ... 
Mahavishnu Orchestra fans...?
Ghost Rider,You have to check out "Jean Luc Ponty, Stanley Clark and Al Dimeola Live at Montreaux", simply sick the way these three guys jam together...Great audio/video to boot....Was listening to Chic Corea's Elektric Band on the way to work thi... 
How to get Dolby Prologic IIx to work with my 4308
the prologic IIx should be one of the selections in your settings. 
AV Receiver
Yamaha has powered 2nd zones in their receivers..Also, I believe, if your looking for the newer codecs for blu Ray, Onkyo has a 2nd zone. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Kats,Thought Schenker gets a bad rap a lot of times, I think he is one of the most under rated players out there. His MSG project with Robin McCauley was solid... 
best artists in the last 15 years
Zakk WyldeShadows FallDoro Pesch 
Subwoofers - Front Firing vs. Downward Firing
Shadorne,Always enjoy your articulate and fact filled responses. I learn something every time... 
your reference dvd
Polar Express during the holidays!!! James Taylor Live at The Beacon.. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Now there's no more Oak oppression for they passed a noble law. The trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw"Rush-"The Trees" 
"The Answer"- 4 guys from Belfast.
Cwlondon,The lead singer absolutely has some Plant mannerisms but I think of it more of it as an influence on him in this case and not a copycat(remember Kingdom Come).. As others have said it is refreshing to have something new and not just one t... 
Toyota Camry LE has a Pretty Good Sound System
Shadorne,Don't you have to go practice your drums?? HAHAHA :)Actually, the other contributing factor is that my wife was diagnosed with MS 2 yrs ago and now she has to wear a brace. The car's size was not conducive to getting in and out. She is th... 
RUSH Snakes and Arrows DVD Live
ERic,jcabrera, The original ESL footage was actually taken from both the Permanent Wave and Moving Picture tours for both the album and the video which first came out on VHS. I agree there is too much talking and editing. I saw them at Madison Sq ... 
Toyota Camry LE has a Pretty Good Sound System
Douglas,My wife said is was foolish to have a car that got 9mpg and still couldn't fit 3 kids.AHAHAHAH... If she reads about your conversation she will make me sell the HT and move into my car...:)