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Funny and clever Axpona Ad
Cerrot, that's twice as funny as the ad! 
Opinion on Adding Processor to skip buggy AVR HDMI
I would do one of two things.Send the 360 in and have it repaired. (I assume you have swapped HDMI cables) If you purchased it new, it's under warranty. If not, I'm a dealer and can hook you up with an Arcam authorized repair center.Run your video... 
subwoofer question
The PSB's are great. Very musical and inexpensive for a smaller one. $300 to $400 depending where you get it. IMO, can't be beat for the money. I've sold a bunch to friends and family.***DEALER DISCLAIMER*** 
Need to Downsize: Small Speaker Recommendation
Check out the ProAc line. 
Value of Sony XBR Tube TV's
I gave my last XBR away about 7 years ago. It may have been worth a little something back then but I wanted it gone. Great sets in the day, but I doubt they are worth anything now. What would you pay for one? 
Need help in matching avr system with Focal 706S
B stock AVR 360's are $899.... 
Need help in matching avr system with Focal 706S
I'm a dealer for the Yamaha and also Arcam. I find the Arcam to be more musical to my ear. In fact, I use all Arcam in my main room at home. The AVR 360 would be in your price range as a B stock unit. 
3 channel amp to power center and rear channels.
If it were me, I wouldn't focus on 3 ch. I'd look at a 5 ch. plenty of good options in that price range. It never hurts to have the spare channels and its easier to sell later if you move to something else. 
Best Option In A CD/SACD Player Under $1,500.00
I use an Arcam DV139 at home, and love it. Best player I've had myself. The CD 37 is a little better I think if you have no interest in DVD's. Very similar units. I like it a lot better than my Sony.***Dealer disclaimer, for both*** 
Help with new speakers
ProAc has always been my favorite. Based only on the brands I've actually heard. Many others I would go out of my way to demo if I were spending that much. 
Redbook & SACD value
**dealer disclaimer**The Arcam CD37 or DV139 are both great players. I use a 139 myself. We also sell the Sony. Although the 5400 is a fine player, I prefer the Arcam, and several of my customers have switched to them also. 
Arcam vs Marantz vs NAD receiver?
The Arcam won't run out of steam. It does come with a mic,and room calibration. I've never used any Marantz, but have a lot of experience with NAD. I like the Arcam better, and use it at home myself.**dealer disclaimer** 
Wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas"
No need for a thread to degenerate if religion happens to be brought up. If you happen to be of a different faith, or none for that matter, don't get involved. If I see a post that mentions a faith different than mine, I'm not offended. I surely w... 
Speakers and a fireplace heat?
It would concern me. If they are fairly close to the fireplace they will get hotter than the room temperature is. No different than if you sit to close to a campfire. At first you're comfortable, pretty soon you get hot and have to move back. Same... 
PSB Imagine T2 upgrade over Focal 726V ?
I've never heard the Focals. That being said, I like the PSB's a lot. I think it's tough to beat PSB's for the money. It would be ideal if you could compare them. (dealer disclaimer)