1 Micron in-Water Filter for Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Tanks

iSonic has a 1 Micron in-Water Filter that will work with almost any Ultrasonic Record Cleaning tank. It is a very simple design filter that hangs in the side of the tank after cleaning your records to restore your tank solution back to clean again. It has a 1 micron filter that fits inside the pump and only takes about 10 minutes to cycle the water in the tank. It is available at Amazon and is reasonably priced.


I have owned this filter system for about 5 months and it has worked flawlessly. The only other thing you need for the filter is a 12 volt power supply which you can also get at Amazon for about $10.

CleanerVinyl sells a similar filter setup for their ultrasonic tanks at a cost of $400. That is outrageous !!! I highly recommended the iSonic setup, a very simple design that works great.


I have some experience with water filtration.  a 1 micron filter will give you clean water.  It will plug fairly rapidly.   how often do you change the filter cartridge?


I cleaned 400 records before I changed the filter. My records have been well cared for over the years, so I am not cleaning filthy records. If I buy used records I always look for mint or mint- condition. Like I stated, this filter has worked great for me.

Water has impurities.  wasn't implying anything about your cleanliness.  And wasn't doubting it worked great.  If it didn't plug up eventually I'd be concerned.  Sounds like a good product to me.  Jerry