12" or so monitor stands

Does anyone know of any short (or adjustable) stands for a monitor/mini-monitor? Speakers for a secondary system will sit on a 12" elevated brick hearth/platform, so I am already half way to the proper height.
I believe that Lovan makes (made) one. I think it was called the Jazz(?).

With some very basic carpentry skills you could build a pair of 12" deep sandboxes, place a plinth across the sand (that did not touch the walls of the sandbox) and set the monitors on top. Filled with sand they'd weigh around 50-75 lbs each I'd guess ...... anyone ever tried anything like this: sandboxes for speakers?


Marco beat me to it. The Lovan Jazz is a great looking speaker stand that fits your description. It should be available on Audio Advisor http://www.audioadvisor.com
Sistrm will make you some and there is nothing to compare. Read my review, but I misspelled sistrum so it says systrum. If these are two expsive I have my old autio notes that I will make you a good deal on.
The Lovan Jazz are 18" tall, they do have a 600 series which is 6" tall. Bob at Sound Anchors would make any type of stand you need.
I second the Sound Anchor suggestion. I looked all over the place for a stand of about 16 inches tall and didnt find anything that satisfied my requirements. The Lovan stands were too short or too tall. I called Sound Anchors & ordered, and I am quite impressed with the stands they made for me. It is difficult to believe that stands could make such a big difference, but I was extremely pleased with their service and product.