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what is the purpose of a stereo system ?
To hear. It has always been such an effort, and because of my own experiences I wrestle with doubt. The stereo has been the only place I could slow things down a bit so that I could really listen. I can turn the volume up to the point that sound e... 
He is cool. His use of english borders on poetry. 
In-Depth Explanation of the Audio Term "Synergy"
Couldnt the wrong use of the word synergy be the synergistic product of a certain kind of thread? 
In-Depth Explanation of the Audio Term "Synergy"
Mrtennis - if any misunderstanding of the term of synergy is to be had, Ill go with yours. Your 3 examples seem about right to me. 
Best movies last two years
audiophile 1 a great film! I had forgotten the title. I cant imagine how I could as impressed as I was. Roman Polanski is amazing! 
Help me put a system together for under $1k.
What does your system consist of? If you dont mind.If you and your son do share similar tastes maybe people here could make suggestions of components that share similar characteristics, or even comparable components at a reduced price. its just a ... 
Help me put a system together for under $1k.
I agree. ask your son. Chances are he knows what he wants and what will work in the life he lives in. The best place to start is with respect. 
i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas
Listen to diana krall. I know its only a placebo, but it arrives pretty nearly to the same end, and it may hold you oblivious until you can the right sort of player. 
Accuphase CD players versus Naim CD players
If you do not mind, what is the rest of your system-room included, of course? 
Can you help or do I have to get divorced?
you wrote " my room.." That might be the problem right there. It is "your" room, and yet your wife has a say? My suggestion would be to solve the speaker problem by dealing with the room issue. A room of your own! I mean, not one that you make cla... 
A "Unique" Voice...
Joan Baez! I know... I think she qualifies though, regardless how she may be judged ultimately. I like her earliest recordings and think her considerable intelligence made it possible for her to interpret folk songs in a fresh and interesting way ... 
which cowboy junkies cd?
I like Lay It Down. Still, the opening track on Trinity sessions-Mining for gold, is my favorite Margo Timmons vocal. 
Ultimate headphone amp?
Hifi+ reviewer-decidedly not an enthusiast of headphone listening, really loved the Stax offerings he reviewed in a very recent issue...System series two w/ energizer, I believe. Very expensive, and maybe a bit terrifying. Sounds like you have to ... 
Burning a dics for a road trip, suggestions...
" Speeding" - the creatures 
Music Your Wife Will Really LISTEN To with you ?
The "girl" I love absolutely hates everything I listen to.ZZZZZZ, is the response. Godfrey- get a life!..too. She loves the radio, with all its wayward signal and ghostly noise and all. A true music lover, i think.