120/240 V amp question

I am going to be moving soon and I was wondering what brands of amps can work well in either voltage scenario. Looking for an amp that can put out at least 150W per channel. I am thinking that most solid state amps can do this but not entirely sure. Bel cantos - i think?? Any other brands?
Not sure about your budget but presuming you have enough leeway, there is an AMR AM-77 out there that has your name on it!
The AM-77 automatically recognizes and optimizes incoming voltages in the ranges 90-135 volts and 190-260 volts and has 2x180W (FTC) at 4 and 8 Ώ. A hybrid integrated that is an amp "for life" from a sonic as well as a build quality perspective!

If your budget is $3,600 - $5,500, my recommendation is CEC-amp-6300 190-watts per channel. The CEC amp is $3,600 but it is just as good as Accuphase and Luxman.

Accuphase E450 180-watts per channel.

Luxman L507u, 200-watts per channel in 4 ohms.

Because these amps are going to be used in 120-volt 60-hz and 240-volt 50-hz it has to be a Japanese-version 100-volt 60-hz/50-hz unit. So that way, the amp won't have any issues operating in 240-volt 50-hz / 120-volt 60-hz with a Japanese-made multi-input transformer made by Swallow SU1500 multi-input transformer. This transformer costs $380 in Japan.

Lamm and some Rowland preamps are multi voltage, so you may want to check out their amps, assuming they are in your price range.
Any other recommendations, these are kinda pricey. I was hoping not to exceed $2k in the used market.