12v triggered outlet?

Where can I get a audio level 12v triggered outlet. I want to use the 12v trigger to turn on my tube amps and sub(of course the amps and sub don't have a 12v trigger) so I need to switch power on to them.
Thanks for starting this thread, Programmergeek.
(Interesting moniker, btw).

I too want to have a remote (or even a wired) 12V trigger to turn on my Lamm M2.1 amps. They are wired for such a trigger, but my Ayre K-1xe does not have such an output.

Any thoughts?
If your preamp has a switched 115 volt outlet just go to Radio Shack and buy a 12 volt wall power supply and use it to turn on the amps that have trigger inputs.

If the power anp does not have a trigger you will need to use a relay to turn its power on and off. This relay can have a 12 volt or 115 volt coil, depending on what your preamp can supply. Radio Shack for relays. Install the relay in a large electrical box, with outlets according to your need.
Programmergeek and Kurt, I have the exact same deal with my Lamm M1.1 monos and LL2 Deluxe preamp. Eldartford, my LL2 and Kurt's K-1xe do not have switched outlets. Could this be as simple as wiring a switch in line on one half of a 12V DC power supply then connecting the wires to the amp using female 2 or 2.1 mm connectors, keeping the amp plugged in and using the DC wired switch to power the amp on-off?
There are several options. Check out the Parasound SCAMP, or perhaps the Niles AC-3. I've own a couple of both and have used them with other home automation devices with excellent results. I used to use a Sonance VT-1 video trigger that I connected to my TV and it would trigger the Parasound SCAMP that I have connected to my amps so when the TV turned on the amps automatically turn on. It was perfect as my wife hates complexity so everything was automatic. Send me an e-mail if you need any help with getting things worked out.

Mitch2...There are so many ways to solve this problem! The most simple way is to use one of these remote control switches. However, the "handy switch" seen on TV is only rated for 300 watts. I have one from Home Depot that is good for 15 amps. I have used it to turn on and off a power amp lacking a trigger input and located in an inaccessible cellar. I could install a proper switch, or modify the amp to use the 12V trigger from the preamp, but the remote switch works fine, (and I am too lazy to improve on it).
I appreciate that I could use a remote power switch, but I would prefer to keep my amps plugged directly into their dedicated circuits, without a switch in the path. Therefore, I am looking for a solution to use the 12V trigger. Also, I don't want to turn the amps on every time the preamp comes on since I leave the preamp on much more of the time than the amps. Thanks for the ideas though.
I am in the exact same boat as Mitch2, as I don't want anything between my amps and the dedicated power outlet.
(And my Ayre K-1xe is always on, and all I have to do is unmute it, to bring it on-line.)

(And, I can't imagine that any of these sort of power switching units have audiophile grade components in them. And even if they did, why would I want to add another layer of electronics between my amp and the power source?!)

This seems like such a simple thing to have, I am surprised that none of the audiophile companies have produced such a device.
Hi Kurt,
I did contact Lamm, and received a response (which I will forward to you) but before implementing it I thought I might get some more insight here. I believe the "switched" approach is to simply run a 12V DC circuit between the two jacks on the back of the amps. When I get a chance over the holidays, I will give it a try and report back to you. Some here may not understand that the on/off switch for our Lamm amps is on the back, and somewhat difficult to reach. It is an expensive switch and it would be better turning the amps on/off using a remote switch. Not sure what amps Programmergeek has, and how the solution might apply to him.
Thanks Mitch2!

(And I did get your email. Actually, I had emailed Lamm something earlier this week too, but did not get a response from them, which is quite unusual, as they usually respond fairly quickly. Perhaps they thought your email was a followup to mine, and figured they were responding to the same person.)

Yeah, the switch is somewhat difficult to reach, and now that I have gone from the small, thin Audience AU24 speakers cables, to the large and wide Jena Labs Pathfinder cables, getting to that rear switch has gotten even more difficult.

I appreciate you trying this out and then getting back to me!
Kurt_tank...A remote switch puts relay contacts in the AC power line. That's the exact same thing as when using the 12 volt trigger.
I am using quicksilver v4 the switch is on the frount and I can got up to turn it on and off but I am lazy and more important if I can make everything one button my wife can use it.
Best I can come up with is to use a richard gray extender. This adds a switch between the outlet and the amp that can be controled by a 12v trigger but the switch and outlet and stuff is pretty high quality.
Eldartford makes a good point that the relay contacts will be in the AC power line path. I guess I assumed the relay contacts on my Lamm amps would be worlds better than any sort of external power switch. I do not need a remote to turn the amps on/off so when I have time I will investigate rigging a switched 12V trigger. Fortunately for me, the amp power switches are not difficult to reach so simply using the amp power switches has been working well. Based on how Vladamir builds his stuff, I assume those switches are good for quite a few off/on cycles.
You could use Eldartford's idea but use the remote switch on a seperate outlet going into a 12V power supply attached to the triggers. So the amps could stay plugged direct to their dedicated circuits.
I know this is over 10 years old now, but if anyone ends up here from a search, there's an "Iot Relay" for sale on a big name online store that does exactly this.