13.2, 5.1 and so on. "the best seat in the house"

Perhaps with movies people enjoy the sounds of a monster coming at them from the left-rear. All of the best concert halls with live music I have seen from around the world....the music was in front of me with depth and left to right ....but nothing coming from the rear. Is this the fate of the high-end to be done in by B.S. of glorified T.V.?






Funny you should mention Pink Floyd, I use the same active speaker layout they used at Abbey Road when they mixed this (except the ceiling subs):

OP, you should watch this, the same team that did the ORIGINAL stereo mix are telling you that immersive (with height channels, NOT 7.1) blows every other format away.


Not funny. Floyd had speakers in the boxes and balconies. As opposed to the OP's limited experiences. Also try Love at The Mirage, speakers in the headrests...

My limited experiences include from some of the best concert halls in several countries.  The very best stereo or multi-channel systems I have heard do not hold much of a candle to many live venues I have attended.  From NYC to 26 states and several countries I have enjoyed live music beyond very expensive systems I have had (but i do appreciate the goal of "the absolute sound". 

Do people remember what "the absolute sound" was referring to?


Many people are not looking for natural… or recreating live music… they are looking for adrenaline creating rush of sound… maybe great details or slam. I was strongly influenced by these things. But I found one genera of music would sound better at the expense of others.

This started me questioning what I was looking for (yes I remember the quest for the absolute sound). So, about 25 years ago I started listening to real instruments (acoustical) in all settings, and listening really carefully. It was not until I got season tickets to the symphony, and listened every couple weeks did I realize I was completely out in space.

This caused me to completely change course. I abandoned my planar speakers first and then my solid state equipment. Over this time my system’s character has changed completely… to natural and musical.

Unfortunately, the Oregon Symphony, which I have 8th row season tickets has implemented a sophisticated DSP sound system, and while my system sounded very close to the real orchestra… now my system sounds better. Hopefully symphony hall DSP sound systems will not become popular because it has destroyed the incredible sound of over a hundred wonderful musicians. Obviously I will not be renewing as my home system sounds better. Why would I want to pay $3K / year and drive down to hear an inferior sound system


Anyway, a tangent. But, it depends on what you value. Are you truly trying to create the real musical experience? Or a souped up driving sound spectacular?

Since I have achieved the endpoint I desired… all music genera sound great… and in getting here each benefited from  each upgrade instead of one benefiting and others not.