14 x 14 foot room, too small for Magnepan MMGs?

That's it. It's a smaller room, but really, it's more like it's the side part of an open concept apartment.

It's a square, 14 x 14, then the rest of the apartment goes from there. I'd probably get a sub to compensate for the bass rolloff of the maggies.

Is this a bad idea? i know people say that maggies need room to breath, but I could give them about 3 feet off the back wall, plues 2.5 feet from the sides.
You should be fine. I have MG12 in a 16x15 room and they sound great. I move them out about 3 feet from the rear wall when listening; when done I push them back out of the way.
Tomek -

MMG's will work fine in your room, and quite likely better than box speakers would because they won't put as much energy into the room's bass resonant modes.

If by chance you have the freedom to do so, you might try positioning your set-up diagonally in the room, with the listening position in or close to a corner.

As long as you can locate the listening position near room boundaries, such as up against the "rear" wall or near a corner, you may find that a sub isn't necessary to give satisfying bass. And in an apartment setting, a subwoofer can really annoy the neighbors, whereas dipole bass is much more neighbor-friendly.

Best of luck to you!

I agree with Duke and Jesaikido..I used MMG's in a smallish 13x14 room and they actually did very well. Much better in that room than the 1.6QR's that I upgraded to. I had them about 3-4 feet out from the wall and 6 ft apart. My listening seat was up against the rear wall. A sub may not be in your best interest as it may overload your room..but if you can demo one first you'll know better. Best!Ken
Duke raises a good point; dealing w/square room will dramatically affect the sound. You might look at the acoustics forum and/or sights such as rives.com and realtraps.com. I'm no expert, but guess that some type of bass traps will help a lot in that room.

Cheers, Spencer