15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?

for a music first, streaming only, two channel system.......with 15k in pocket (can buy new or used)  is the general rule of thumb 50/50 split on the budget?

do any all in one units at this price point compare to separates?

What choice did you land on at your respective budgets?

I've not had the greatest experience with streamers.....sound more similar than dissimilar to my admittedly non golden untrained ears








thanks all

my system is always changing while remaining a  2 channel music streaming system at heart

I would say I favour pieces that can act as tools....in the sense that they have the potential to play nice with a wide variety of other components

I'm newer to this but have gone in deep over the past couple years

I've come close to establishing certain baselines with amps and speakers, this has taken some work

the dac / streamer part still has me learning as I have great difficulty hearing differences with these components

I enjoy buying and switching gear and trying new things

I'm not a traditional audiophile by any stretch and don't quite see or maybe understand how you guys view gear...still trying to learn,

I enjoy music in many forms,

grew up heavy on the club scene and car audio scene...later concerts of all types





I have traveled multiples states in various audio clubs 

a excellent product Denmark Audio Group

the AAvic  180,280 ,exceptions integrated amps and better then anything in their respective price classes ,vs all well known name brands around 8k and $11k 

they all have 300-600wpc the differences are in. More active Tesla coils and a few other upgrades. ,nothing but cutting edge technologies and several other technologies in  classD on a much higher level .the pass labs ,Hegel ,bryston ,Boulder was not  that close and less $$ the dac board is extra very good detailed and rich , Ansuz thier cable line very good but not cheap, and the Xline Borresen Loudspeakers , class leading bargains .they are on m6 to do list ,depending on my budget later in the year, you truly need to hear them before giving a honest opinion.

streamer the Innuos line has some very good mini pulsar line under $2k and the optional upgrade LPS ,I would buy from linear tube audio for 1/2 off and I feel as good for $700.including a excellent DC cable .or buy the matching LPS  but more $$.and innuos has a excellent interface better sounding then Roon.

I'm sure you could find a dealer that would get you into an

Auralic Aries G1.1. and

Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC for that around your price.

A great combo.

Definitely an approximate 50 - 50 split. Both are critical. That gets you in the big league with the DAC.

If it were me I would get a used Audio Research DAC9 (there are lots of other great DACs, but the 9 is really natural musical and detailed) and a used Aurender N10 (unless you could find a used N20) if you really want a new one then an Aurrender N200. 

Personally, I find a separate DAC and dedicated  streamer provides better SQ than a streaming DAC. Also, I find greater improvements in SQ between streamer models than between DAC models.  That said, I would still recommend a 50/50 split.  At your price point there are many choices.  For DACs, a used Mola Mola Tambaqui, Bricasti M1 SE, DCS Bartok, or Chord Dave can be paired with a new Aurender N200 or a used N10.  I listed the DACs in order of my personal preference.  You must audition.  You always can go with a new streaming DAC.  The new DCS Bartok will be above budget. You can also add the Grimm to list if you go for a new streaming DAC.  But IMHO, as I mentioned before, I find better performance with separates.