15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?

for a music first, streaming only, two channel system.......with 15k in pocket (can buy new or used)  is the general rule of thumb 50/50 split on the budget?

do any all in one units at this price point compare to separates?

What choice did you land on at your respective budgets?

I've not had the greatest experience with streamers.....sound more similar than dissimilar to my admittedly non golden untrained ears








@jaxwired , how much of a difference do you find between the SMSL and the Wyred4Sound DACs that you own? Which one do you prefer?

The Audio Mirror Toubadour IV SE at $3500 with tube is the most musical DAC I've heard and hand made in the USA.. The T+A 200 at $7200 is also excellent....Good luck in your search.

OP not sure what the rest of your system is but for 17,500 retail the Grimm MU2 is gaining a lot of traction. Usually in a streamer/dac combo the streaming portion is the weak link. Grimm is known for their streamer (Mu1) and have added a world class Master Dac. The Preamp section rivals high end stand alones. You can add storage if you like. 
One box ,power chord ,IC.  Great chance it will sound better than any seperates  you can put together. 

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You're getting some great information here, all of it good.....but all of it (including mine) is subjective based on our experiences. I'd spend more on the DAC, but still get a really nice streamer. I'd go 60/70% DAC and 30/40% streamer. I personally prefer separate DAC and streamer, that way you can always upgrade one component instead of having to upgrade a more expensive all-in-one system.

That split would still get you a great streamer (better if you're okay with a used streamer), and a great DAC. Personally I'd look at once of the great Aurender/Lumin/Innuous streamers, example you can get an Aurender N20 used for about $7,000 and that would leave $8,000 DAC

Or an Aurender N200 for about $4,000 used and that would leave $11,000 for a great DAC.

I mention Aurender, because the N20 and N200 are the only high end streamers that I have had in my system....along with an N10. I just have never had a Lumin or Innuous in my system, but by all reports they are great units as well.

As others already have mentioned, pay attention to connections and their preferences, and if possible try to audition a unit, and whether you want a streamer/server for storing files locally or just a streamer.