18 months later, VPI Scoutmaster......

Does this table need any user lubrication? If so how and what to use please. Thanks
Yes. White lithium grease. You can get it at a auto parts store for a few bucks. Sqeeeze a pea size amount onto the platter bearing.
Not to be a smart ass, but did you look in the manual? Here's what it says (I got it from the VPI web site) "After at least one year of use, the platter bearing and motor will need to be lubricated. For the platter bearing, use .25 teaspoon of white lithium grease. For the motor, use 1 drop of 40-weight motor oil below the brass piece." VPI also offers a Magic Lube which I have not tried, but others have and say it is an improvement.
Actually its my dads table so I dont have the manual and seeing how he is more a music lover than a audiophile I just wanted to pass along tips to him.

Good on you for trying to help the old man out. I'm an old man, or almost, so I appreciate a son's attention when given.
If you are willing to go to the trouble to lube the table, etc, Please consider doing a bit of cleaning.

Get some 90% Iso Alcohol, remove whatever leftover lube, gunk you can.
Whatever lube you do will benefit from a clean surface, be effective longer.
I'm a fan of Synthetics for any bearing surface. The breakdown of performance time is extended, regardless of application.
Be aware that if the spindle requieres an oil reduced from the tears of virgins, you are screwed 2 ways. Maybe 3.
Don't sweat it. Clean as best you can. Match lube via viscosity as best you can. Favor synthetic, as it will last longer.Use Dino oil as requiered.

Your trying to do good by the old man.
Do what you can.
Don't sweat it.

The fact that you care
The fact that you might take the time to research
The fact you give a shit is more important.

Sorry if I didn't answer your original question.
You are a good man for asking it.