1978 Kenwood KD -2055 Alignment Gauge

Perhaps someone has experience with owning one of these turntables purchased new from a dealer.I did and with it come a small plastic cubical with an alignment grid in the plastic.You would slide this over the headshell and it would fit exacly giving a perfect stylus alignment.I used this for many years eventually lost it and latter gave the turntable away to a friend.Well I always liked that turntable and recently purchased another in very good condition.Needless to say it did not come with the stylus gauge nor the AT-14sa cartridge.What surprises me is that I cannot find one speck of evidence that this gauge ever existed.I have been looking for this and thought someone here at Audiogon might be able to help find one or confirm that such a devise existed.I know I can align without it but it would be so cool to have a 2055 in near mint condition complete with this stylus alignment gauge.Thanks for your help and support.