Kenwood L-09M monoblocks,........... worth fixing?

A friend of mine was given two Kenwood L-09M mono block amplifiers which are in need of repair. He was asking me if they are worth fixing as he says the parts alone will cost over $300 dollars. I can't find any information on these except they are from the 70's and put out 300 watts per channel. Is anyone familiar with this amp? worth fixing?. Any information would be appreciated, Thanks... TG
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One of the all time best bass amps. Fantastic for subs. Kind of "dated" sounding for full range. Don.
they are better than Carver 1.0, any Sumo amplifier they give a Counterpoint sa 220 a very stiff challenge sound quality wise.
DEFINITELY!!!!! These were very good amps those days and are still fine sounding amps. A real classic! Fix em and do a good job. Don't let any Joe Blow do it.
From two standponts they are worth considering repair. They have a certain collectability, and really they aren't that bad a sounding amp, especially if they can be fixed for 300 or less, but just reading the post again, your saying parts alone are 300, labor is going to probably double that, so its going to be close. Might be worth posting as a for sale for a serious hobbiest who knows what they are doing. They might buy and bring them back to life and only be out time and parts. Whatever you do, please don't chunk em, always great to see the classics brought back to life.