1st speaker considerations: Odyssey Lorelei, Meadowlark Shearwater, Spatial M3 Turbo S

 I'm looking to just get started and prefer to buy used.
I listen mainly to rock and pop (Beatles, Doors, Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, The Police, Duran Duran, Nirvana, STP, just as some examples), and will have the speakers in a 16'X19' room, which has issues, I'm sure, such as an opening on one side of the shorter wall into a 5' long foyer. There's also a staircase partially in front of the back wall. I'm open to using room treatment. I can cover walls if necessary, etc..
My hunch is that I'd prefer a slightly laid back sound to aggressive and forward, which might be fatiguing for me. I'd also prefer speakers that retain a good amount of detail at lower volumes.
Have any of you heard the Meadowlark and Odyssey speakers, and can compare the two?
I'd also consider Odyssey's Kismet Reference speakers.... Thanks for any thoughts.
I heard some Odyssey speakers at T.H.E Show last year I think it was and I just loved the sound Klaus was getting. Natural, detailed non fatiguing music and wonderful imaging. 

I have owned the Odyssey Lorelei speakers in the past, and found them to be very strong in the bass, with a very full bodied midrange. The highs, however, were quite recessed and lacking in energy....Certainly "non-fatiguing", but not balanced either. I have also heard the Spatial M3 turbo, and liked them much more. "non-fatiguing", dynamic, and not as rolled off in the highs....Quite efficient too, and not difficult to place in most rooms.
I own a pair of Odyssey Kismet Reference Floorstanding Speakers which date back to 2011.  They look like the Loreli's, but the crossover is very much different and much more expensive.  Mine came in the Santa Rosewood finish.  They are an amazing sounding pair of speakers with great bass and mids.  I find the treble to be just right.  The speakers use Scanspeak drivers and the silk dome tweeter is oh so smooth.  They can handle any amount of power you put to them and yet will sound great with lower power amps as well.  I put sharp cones on mine which I purchased from Adona.  Presently, I am not using the speakers as I have them boxed up but I can't seem to bring myself to sell them.  You should hear Pink Floyd on them, absolutely to die for.
Definitely... definitely... the Spatial M3 Turbo's!  

Like Maggie's on steroids... great soundstage.

"Have any of you heard the Meadowlark and Odyssey speakers, and can compare the two?"

I only listen to time and phase correct speakers, so the Meadowlark is the obvious choice. An even better setup would be a pair of Vandersteen Model !'s paired with 1 Vandersteen sub.

I remember, vaguely, the Meadowlarks from a Stereophile show about 10 years ago.  All I remember is that they looked nice and sounded good.  You might have issues if they ever need servicing, though.
I own Lorelei's withe the Kismet crossovers and I have owned Heron i's, these both are great sounding, but sound totally different. I could live with either one, but I got a great deal on my dream speakers, Verity Parsifal Encores.
I live in Minneapolis and if you are close by, you are welcome to have a listen the the Lorelei's. 

I owned a pair of Shearwater Hot Rod's a long time ago. I liked them, but if you like to turn up your stereo they have a tendency to sound a little 'compressed' at high volumes. I own a pair of Vandersteen 3A Sig's now, so I also vote for a used pair of Vandy's. The 2Ce Sig II's would be a noticeable step up from the Shearwaters. 

I've only heard Odyssey gear at a show and then for only a track or two. It sounded quite good, so I don't think you'll be disappointed there.