2 Questions about Audio Aero Capitole

I have noticed that Capitole comes with algorithm Px. I have checked on their web site, it do not state what number is current. How do I know that P4 or P5 is recent one ?
How can one acquire newest algorithm (Internet, dealer) ?
How much does it cost to upgrade, can it be done by user ?
Is it worth it?
Another question about tubes:
they are supposed to last 10.000h. Are they in sockets? So can they be replaced easily if broken. Or they are welded and visit to dealer in needed in case of broken tube?

I considering AA Capitole as potential candidate of new source, so I’m gathering information’s.
Any answer will be greatly appreciated.
it's not an algorithm it's just the system operating software for the player. They are soldered in no sockets.
Good questions.

Okay, The Capitole comes with a circuit board that supports the P4, P5, etc. chip. I think the very latest Capitole comes with a P6.5 chip that has an analog passthru so you can run your tuner through it and dispense with a Pre altogether, unless you are still using vinyl.

The advantage os this is that you get a very high quality CD player that has volumn control and you save on buying sererates and you are also avoiding having to send the signal through more components.

Can an older P4 or P5 Capitole be upgraded? Yes. This means changing the circuit board and the rear of the unit. This is good in that you can get the 'latest' unit without having to pay for the whole thing again.
So are there noticeable differences between these P4, P5 ?
How much does cost to replace P4 chip with P5?
How much does cost to replace tube ?

Is this much better player them Lector cdt-7 ?
"is this much better player than Lector 7?"
Yes, ims,but it's the only one I have heard that is better than Lector 7T that I have owned for 4 years (I'm from Italy).
I have got my tubes replaced by the Italian importer Rany hi fi at no cost in one hour, excellent service.
You should check with the Audio Aero distributor, Globe Audio Marketing. Google says that is at: www.globeaudiomkt.com
I don't think (2003) P5 chips work in the same players that used the P4 chips (2002 players), and I remember reading here that the chips don't make any difference in sound. They are only software revisions for display options, remote control, etc.
The tubes are soldered to the board because they are so small, they are only around $9-$12 US, and they do last at least two to three years.
I echo Golden Ears in that it probably takes an updated circuit board to go from the P4 to the P5 chip. My Capitole had one of the earliest P4 chips and it still had a few 'ghosts' in it that on occasion forced me to power the whole system down so that it could start accepting my commands again. When I sent it to the shop we all worked together and came to an agreement to upgrade my circuit board and I got the P5.6 chip which works really well and now it reads those very few CDs that the older version could not.

It only very soon thereafter that Darryl at Digital Systems was able to demonstrate that an older Capitole could also be upgraded to the analog passthru.

So, if you are looking to buy one with a P4 chip you might just be okay; and you can look forward to an upgrade sometime in the future.