Where can I get my Audio Aero Capitole CDP repaired

I have a Audio Aero Capitole CDP that doesn't get much use, when I went to use it the other day I got an error message the says no disc, when there clearly is a dic installed. I have tried cleaning the lens, turning the machine off and on to no avail. Any ideas on where to send the unit. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

It would have to be a willing independent technician. They no longer have support for thier products in the US.
3 places:
Good Will
Ebay starting price $.99
Under truck wheels to make it flat before recycling.
Sedonix used to be a distributor and On A Higher Note as well previously I think. DTS Audio in Canada may be able to help too. Peter at Pbn Audio helped others with this player - he is a terrific guy to deal with. I have this player and think it is terrific. Good luck, Kevin
Cut WTF stuff,
Every time I hear about AAC CD-player, I freak out bcoz it
always breaks and plays sometimes with very nice sound.