20 Years?

I was logging in and I don’t know why I didn’t take notice of it before, but I just saw that I joined A’gon in 2004. 20 years.  Makes you think. That’s all I have to say about that. 


just checked and i joined in 2003. looking back, there's always been the same mix of trolls, know-it-alls and good folks. i do confess that the trolls and know-it-alls annoy me more than they did back then, but the good folks remain the overwhelming majority...

Checking my Profile it says 2012. I know I’ve been here since 2001 though. When I look through my feedback my first one was on February 14, 2001. How about that. I remember that first transaction. I was a newbie for sure, 23 years ago, time flies.

Yeah, a few years ago many of the sign-up dates apparently were jumbled.  The only reason I know mine is because I printed out a dated copy of my sign up info when I registered.  The sign up date on my profile is about 10 months later, but that may reflect my first post.  I am pretty sure I initially signed up to buy and sell stuff, and then started posting later. 

It is good to see some of the old names on this thread.  The culture seemed a bit different back then, but things in general were different, the internet was new, we still relied on B&M stores, a lot of DIY was new and untried, my budget was less, and people seemed more helpful than competitive, but those impressions may just be my rosy retrospection.

I’ve been here since the beginning in 1997. Many of us were recruited from Usenet and Rec.audio. And if you remember those you’re old too!