20 Years?

I was logging in and I don’t know why I didn’t take notice of it before, but I just saw that I joined A’gon in 2004. 20 years.  Makes you think. That’s all I have to say about that. 


Congrats on still hanging around.  Amazing how time flies - 25 years coming up this Oct. for me.  We have seen significant changes in the audio hobby over that time, such as no longer being dependent on physical media, Class D amplification, decline of B&M Audio Shops, and access to a much broader selection of music through streaming (which I find the most significant change impacting my enjoyment).

Since MAY, 2021. I was dwelling here two-or three years prior to creating a user ID.

20 years also. Time flies indeed. Time to restart my work on that time machine. That death ray was going nowhere.

All the best,


You could be a member longer than that, some join dates were changed (corrupted) during past system updates. Mine shows 2008, at one time was 2022, should be 2002.

It’s great to see others staying on AudioGon long term, I appreciate the shared knowledge and experience in regards to home audio.

@cleeds & @nonoise ....the other half of that....

"Time flies....and fruit flies like bananas..."

(Of course it makes ....only very vague sense....*soft L*)

..courtesy of :

If anything on this tortured globe....

....would assist anyone who struggles to put the pieces of my strangled prose jig-sawn back together....

This might help..... ;))

The title itself....👍



...and this little bit of advice keeps me.....

...focused on being the senior from Hell who’ll crash Heaven.

(Deserved better attention than they got....)

....and this, in concert, WITHOUT Bob Fripp....made this raise your neck hair....

Congrats all. Been almost 10 for me, & also learned some interesting fax. And also learned that some of the members should keep their negative comments to themselves. Not that I got SCHOOLED. 

I'm a Newby only a few years .worked to hard but enjoy the site thanks for those who make it run.

Congrats on 20 years.  There are worse ways to spend time than by listening to great music, well reproduced

It's been 11 years since I started spouting my nonsense on here??!

@nonoise ,

When you get that time machine up and running, let me know.

I've got about 6 million things I'd like to rectify.


Has an epic and historic ring to it: "One score, and 7 days ago, I ventured forth into an interchange of ideas with a rugged group of individuals with a similar nterest in reproducing high quality music in their homes."

I'll be 92 on my 20th anniversary with A'Gon.  I hope we have the ability to plug a digital bitstream directly into our brains by then.  Highly compromised hearing optional.

Times fun when you're having flies! I joined early on. Before that it was the newsgroups and another site I can't remember the name of. Before that it was classified ads in Stereophile and two different bulletins that used to get mailed monthly. One was AudioMart from Crewe Va. Who remembers that one?

@thecarpathian You'll be the first to know. I never understood anyone who said if they could go back in time, they'd never change a thing. 

All the best,

Feb 11, 2001 for me as my official join date. 23 years.

i hung around Audiogon for maybe a year before i joined when i wasn't on Audio Asylum.

i miss the days when the system page threads were mingled with the other thread topics and system development was a much richer topic. more attention to relationships, system changes, and less on gear acquisition.....and less community tolerance for bad behavior and blatant sales agendas.

but it is what it is. still a worthy place.

monetization of Audiogon is just how things go.

My first post was in September 2001. Don't recall when 'joined'. Most of my posting occurred in the first 5 years and it's been downhill ever since. Things have changed. :-( 

FWIW I agree with and share Mikes observations. For myself though,  I'm not so sure though that it remains a worthy place for me to spend any real time.

"I didn't get where I am today by not" -  joining A'Gon in August of 2000.



Congratulations to the OP...

And i observe that he mastered self restraint about his posts/ time ratio...😊

I am sorry to say that entering here in 2016 my posts ratio is way higher than his...

No self restraint in my case , no enough  humility i guess in my case and loneliness and love of discussion as excuses...


Anyway the good news is most people here are better behaving or more wise than me and it is a very happy fact...



August 9, 2003 for me. 21 years this summer. As others have said, time sure does fly. Congrats on your longevity 💪🏼

Congratulations @chayro . I remember reading frequently your and a few others poster’s posts when I joined in Feb 2005.

19 years for me.

just checked and i joined in 2003. looking back, there's always been the same mix of trolls, know-it-alls and good folks. i do confess that the trolls and know-it-alls annoy me more than they did back then, but the good folks remain the overwhelming majority...

Checking my Profile it says 2012. I know I’ve been here since 2001 though. When I look through my feedback my first one was on February 14, 2001. How about that. I remember that first transaction. I was a newbie for sure, 23 years ago, time flies.

Yeah, a few years ago many of the sign-up dates apparently were jumbled.  The only reason I know mine is because I printed out a dated copy of my sign up info when I registered.  The sign up date on my profile is about 10 months later, but that may reflect my first post.  I am pretty sure I initially signed up to buy and sell stuff, and then started posting later. 

It is good to see some of the old names on this thread.  The culture seemed a bit different back then, but things in general were different, the internet was new, we still relied on B&M stores, a lot of DIY was new and untried, my budget was less, and people seemed more helpful than competitive, but those impressions may just be my rosy retrospection.

I’ve been here since the beginning in 1997. Many of us were recruited from Usenet and Rec.audio. And if you remember those you’re old too!

wow - June 2000 for me!   I still read all the "old heads" postings.  Stick around long enough and we might learn something!

Thinking is inevitable for endowed brain owner.


Living is dangerous. But not thinking increase all dangers.

I like being here in audiogon but i never thought  about it really and it put my sanity at stake because i am too serious to be here ... 😊

But i assume this danger by learning to be less serious.... Thanks to all for the help....


Ha!  rec.audio.high.end, rec.audio.marketplace

Audio Trading Times and Audiomart before that 

I’ve been here since 2001 :)

@lou_setriodes you know what, I’m retired, and been around this place too long, but I rejoice in the fact that I grew up in a time when music was music. We had it all! Peace 

@chayro Congratulations ! my born on date says May, 2003 but i’m pretty sure it is really 2001. No matter.

i’ve met some really fantastic people here…many in person… 

Enjoy the music !

Just about to push play on some tasty Walter Becker…. snarky intelligence… RIP

Aside - Yes i remember the old paper Audiomart arriving with much anticipation… The big boxes delivered COD UPS… what a PITA… bought my first Threshold 400 A that way…..

Audiomart, sending away to companies for brochures:-) I've been here for 24years, though the site has knocked off 10years on my profile.

Happy Anniversary!