20a hc power cable need adaptor to use with my 15a equipment


has anyone had positive or negative experiences using the voodoo adapter....anyone know of a good cheaper option?  



20 amp to 15 amp IEC Adapter


Adapt your 20 amp power cord to 15 amp IEC panel-mount connector. This universal 120/240 volt IEC adapter is specifically designed for high-end audio with absolutely no current “loss” or phase shift. These adapters are are sonically transparent – guaranteed!- Audiophile Quality Design & Construction
– Cryogenically treated in cold fusion™ (-315 F)
– #10 AWG solid copper conductors
– RTV Silicone Insulated
– 3 1/4″ (82mm) length
– Universal 120/240 volt
– Handcrafted in the USA


I have 2 Shunyata Copperhead cables I use with the adaptor.  One uses the VooDoo and the other is the Pangea.  I hear absolutely no difference.  At the time, the Pangea was much cheaper than the VooDoo.

I compared the cheap ones with some $89 Voo-doos, the difference is enormous in favor of these. It was important to give them a long Burn-in period to obtain better results.
Finally, I changed my 15A cables to Transparent XL 20A IEC-19.

Hey, It takes 10 min to change out the IEC. If you feel you are degrading the resale value then just buy the Amazon adapter. It goes on very secure. 

I have a power conditioner that only accepts 20a plug on the iec end.  I would like to try some of my 15a cables but don't want to pay to get them changed and don't like the sound. I have one that would cost $150 to re-terminate.  This power conditioner is the only piece of equipment that requires  20a iec.

I am looking at their 15a to 20a adapter.