$2K to spend on used SS linestage, but which?

Tank-like build, quality "guts," rich sound are critical. It will replace (because I'm a hobbyist and want to try something else) my beloved c-j Premier 14, which had those attributes in spades .
Will be used, for the time being, with a Classé DR-8 (old, but still oh so sweet) amp, and the latest cdp from either Electrocompaniet or Accuphase.
I listen equally to jazz, classical, rock, opera.
You'll never get the tube sound from an SS pre, but the Pass Aleph P is one SS pre that fits the bill for most of your other requirements.

I would highly recommend trying whatever SS pre for awhile before you sell your old fave. I've heard that CJ pre's have a very specific tube sound. It may be tough to replace.
I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. I have taken the passive route with a CJ MV-60 amp and am considering going back to a preamp, if I can find one that meets my requirement. I have been a strong proponent of passive devices, possibly to the extreme by hard wiring a very good quality stepped attenuator directly into my CD player. The sound is amazing, but I can hear some of the flatness that passive devices bring. On the other hand, the accuracy, cleanliness and musical sound is also very nice. I have been experimenting with wires and different speakers and keep coming back to my own stuff. Both my wife and I like what we are hearing, but I wonder what a really good, but very, very simple (1, maybe 2 input) pre would do. Possibly one with my stepped attenuator inserted. I will start by having Stan Warren update one of his buffered line stages for me (1/2 step, maybe even a sideways step). I agree with the above comment, try out some stuff before getting rid of your Premier 14.
I just replaced my SS pre with a CJ premier 16LS and will never go back to SS...

For whatever that is worth.

If you feel the need to change, while it was not what I was looking for, the Rogue Audio 99 Magnum had a nice tube/ss sound that will be very appealing to many in the $2,000 range.
Jayme, reconsider going ss line from a CJ/DR8 position. The flat-ness of passive will remain.

Get a Supratek Chardonay line stage (see thread here). A bit over $2K, but if you are looking at Accuphase digital, this shouldn't be an issue.

You will not regret it...
Is the "flatness" of passive just a lack of additives coupled with a need for upgrading something else? I say go passive and check out Mapleshade/Insound planar cables if your looking for life.
i dont know if you are familiar with gfa 750 adcom this
is a very good preamp the retrieval of inner detail is good,
bass wise it flows with the music it blows my krell ksa
away,you can buy it for between $800 in the internet
there is one i like also the morrisson preamp its only
$750 this one came very close with my audio art pre amp
is that good especially if you are using monoblocks.