3 applications for Jl audio subs crossovers?

I have a JL Audio F113 that I love in my HT room
I use it with an Arcam 350 where the speakers are crossed over using the ht amp

I just bought two F110s from Eric, a nice audiogoner an hour away

I have three options

1)Daisy chain one or both of the F110s to the F113 in my HT

2)Daisy chain one and give my friend who has a 2 channel Plinus integrated with stereo outputs only one sub. His speakers roll off around 60-70.
What crossover would be needed? Passive or active? Any recommendations on something that would merge stereo low end well to the sub? Doesn't have to be mega designed or $$$

3) keep as is in the ht and hook the two f110s in my 2 channel room

Would you cross-over for the two channel split between pre and tube amp to the mainspeakers? Or post amp with some type of passive
I dont want to go the digital route

Leaning towards option 2)
I would use the 2 F110's on the front L and R channels, and the F 113 on the center.
Two channel subs would be what I would want (and use) but only if high passing the mains. So an external crossover would be needed. Active digital is the best IMO but you don't want that...

Can't see needing 3 subs for surround unless your room is huge.
I'd use them all to distribute your bass. I've been using stereo subs for years and would never go back to mono subs: lately, after reading about the Audiokenisis (sp?)"Swarm" with multiple, distributed subs, I've added two and have much better and more easily corrected bass in my rather smallish room. It's not just about volume or room size (assuming you can FIT the subs in the room).

guess I could go digital but I want to keep my system analog if possible

what would you recommend?''

Jeff - daisy chain three in my HT?

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Those E110 have a "built-in, active crossover using a fourth-order (24dB/octave, 80dB/decade) Linkwitz-Riley filter, equipped with variable gain, variable crossover-frequency..." according to a great review in TAS.

Two are on my wish list. Not for HT but for the right and left channel in my Hifi. I plan to use the crossovers and obtain the best response from each sub by running the pre out thru them and then to my power amp. Left to left sub and right to right sub. Less work for the amp and the speakers to do. Better overall sound, I've read.

I'm not bass crazy. The idea is to open up the midrange and provide a realistic low frequency response. I would have to bolt down my furniture if I used three subs.


I would give JL audio's new crossover a try if it is in your budget. It is an analog/digital hybrid and gets good review (linked below). Bryson also makes one but it only has 12db slopes (I believe) and IMO a crossover with a 24db slope will work much better.



The OP is stalking about the F110 that does not have the active crossover and only has a low pass filter so he will need an external crossover. He will have better potential sound with the F110 and external crossover because the f110 has the DSP to flatten the room nodes.

With that being said I am using two E112s with the internal crossover highpassing between my preamp and amp with great results. I feel their crossover is extremely transparent. The only down side is the E112 does not have DSP which would help a lot.
Yes. I have a pair of Fathom 110s joining my F113

The JL audio crossover looks nice but $3k. Ouch

The E series hi pss sounds nice

Perhaps just go two outputs on the back of the 2 channel preamp
One to the subs the other set with either full range or hi- bandpass to the mono blocks then speakers

I also like the idea of a second sub in my ht master/slave
And give the other one to my friend for his 2 channel low end