3 way speaker

Hi, i'm looking for a woofer and a midrange that sounds warm, i often listen jazz, now I'm listening to some sonus Faber concertino (1998) i want to build something that sounds better, i was thinking to Dayton audio 10" designer or reference woofer, seas Prestige MCA12RC 4,5" midrange and morel classic advanced cat 308.

Do you think I need to change something, because I am basing my choices on the data collected from the graphs


Data is one thing but listening will tell the tale. Personally, I wouldn’t waste the money. 

I like Seas, but I don't use them. I like Dayton for the money especially the HO44 10" reference. Mount them in the side of the enclosure with a 10" passive. 1cf is big enough for all the drivers and 22 hz.

I like planars and ribbons. Neo 10" GRS planars and and AC ribbon is my choice.

You can enjoy super fast and accurate mids and highs with deep bass in a very small package. Those drivers require little volume to sound very good and will last a lifetime. Average sensitivity is 91 or higher. They would handle at least 300 watts, enough to put your hair in the wind or remove it..

Very worth while if you're up to the challenge. I've sure done my share..

That is my next speaker project. DSP the bass driver, you could even use a 500-1200 DSP plate amp for the bass and a 20-100 watt Valve amp for the mids and high.. add .5cf for the plate to the speaker cabinet volume..

Have fun no matter what..

Merry Christmas


Just buy a pair of vintage AR 3A's. All the warmth in the midrange you'd ever want to hear and an honest 38 hz in the bass!