47 Labs Stratos OTA vs ribbon 4719 speaker cable



Has anyone compared the classic 47 Labs 4708 Stratos OTA as speaker cable to the ribbon-type 4719? What are the differences and Is the extra cost of the 4719 justified? thank you


Thanks for your answer: I went through most of the comments, there is practically only 1 person that has commented and has tried both. Do you find any problems with the 4708 in-terms of being fragile?

The 4708 (26 gauge) is a bit more brittle than some of the other 20/22/25.5/26 gauge solid core copper wire I've tried.

In my case the wire has been broken (@ the speaker post) a few times by one of our cats.

I noticed that one speaker was "out" upon playing source material and shut the source gear off with no damage to amp transformers.

Aside from that it's been fine for a couple of decades.

I started out with 12 foot runs to the living room speakers and would guess that they are down a foot, or two, @ this time due to exposing fresh ends.

If you want to experiment with something on the cheap try the Neotech solid core CU/Teflon wire in 22, 24 or 26 gauge.