$6000 used:Revel Ultima Studio?

My speakers are 15 years old (Snell type B) and i am thinking about upgrading.With the tax return looming and Christmas bonus forthcoming (i am planning that far) i will have around $ 6500 to burn.After researching Audiogon used market i have my sight set on Revel Ultima Studio just because it was designed by the same person as my current Snells (Kevin Voecks) and i want a relatively current model.
But i have second thoughts because i've encountered several posts about Revels being harsh and clinical and that is not what i'm after.I like sound with a soul,kinda like old CJ sound.I am looking forward for your reccomendations regarding which speaker will set me up really good for the next 10 years at around 6k.
I just got a set of studio's to replace my F30's. Huge difference, not harsh at all! They are brand new and not even broken, but go listen to them.

For that Money (maybe add $500) to get used Wilson Audio Sophia. You will be set for the next 10-years. The Revel Studio has been around awhile and is using old Technology.
I heard the Studios a while ago, and they made me sit down and listen rather than just acknowledging that they were on. The sounded much better than I expected them to especially with the electronics being used.

Listen, if you can, but the price is fair and resale should not be an issue. I'm envious.