845 tubes

Love to hear from people who can describe the differences between the Psvane Acme 845 and the Linlai Elite 845. All information is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the holidays
Ha! You're right. I was on their site before I saw your post and found out about the new Linlai brand, and noticed they weren't saying much. Tube picking is more fraught with risk than expensive wine.
I looked at both but ended up purchasing the 4 of the Psvane Acme Supreme 845 tubes from Grant Fidelity which absolutely destroyed anything I used before. I liked them so much ,I also purchased 4 of the 300 B tubes for my amps. I was willing to pay more for the Acme tubes because even though the management team of Linlai came from Psvane how many of the skilled workers joined them?  Having been very involved in manufacturing over the years ,I know that it takes a lot of skill to make products with precise tolerances and you don’t get these skills without spending a lot of time working in your craft. Yes ,the price of the Linlai tubes looks comparatively attractive but I wasn’t willing to risk potential issues to save a few bucks.
I have similar issue with 300b not 845.

I have WE 300b made in 50’s which had lasted more than 10 k hours but saved for future.

Also I have Sophia Electric and Black Treasure 300bs which sound pleasant but no match with WE nos 300b in details and dynamics.

I used to have WE300b reissue made in 90 but not impressed with it.

Compared with Nos WE300b, reissue sounds etched, thus I sold it.

My favorite so far is Psavne Acme 300b which sounds sweeter than Nos WE300b while Nos WE300b give slightly wider and deeper soundstage, tighter bass than Acme.

You shall pay 8k$ and up for Nos WE300b in good condition.

I think Acme approach 90% of Nos WE300b performance at 1/10th price.

In addition, my Acme 300b had lated 3 k hours withouth problem.

I had not tried Erlog or Eml 300bs.

But another audiophile nicknamed Admaley favored Acme over Erlog or Eml 300bs with wider soundstage.

LINLAITUBE Elite Series E-300B Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE300B Matched Pair [LINLAITUBE E-300B] - $625.99 USD

Recently the Chinesed dealer from whom I had bought my Acme 300b and 805 tubes gave me offer of tryout of above tube.

This one claimed to have more details and flavor than WE300b reissue.

I can do tryout with payment but if I do not like the sound, then I can return it to him.

If I do not like the sound of tube compared with Acme, then I can ask him to send one more pair of Acme.

Shall I do tryout of this new LinLai tube.

It lookss beautiful.

Want to thank Irwin, Shkong, and Thomas for their input especially Iwin. You make a good point about the manufacturing process and I was leaning towards the Psvane Acme Anyway and it appears that Rachel at Grant Fidelity was pitching the Linlai as their equal at best if you read between the lines. Thanks once again I’m going to go with Psvane Acme and wish all of you a happy Holiday season.