90 degree din cable?

Will this fit into an Audiocraft 4000 arm or do you need a straight din connector?

Straight DIN is required for my Audiocraft AC 4400, so I'm betting it's the same for the 4000.
A straight cable is also required on the AC4000. It's 3cm deep to the base of the pins - about 1.5cm from the lip.
Thanks all! I guess all have already written their preferences....so back to the drawing board.
What are you trying to accomplish? Is it that you already have a right-angle phono cord and you want to find a vintage Japanese long arm to match it? Do you have a clearance problem under your table?

If it is the first problem, a Micro Seiki 505L (same mounting distance as an Audiocraft AC4000) might work (though you'd have to make sure that the DIN end had some length to it, because the center post (where the DIN connects) goes up and down inside the mounting collar when you change VTA. If you need all the room on the upside for VTA adjustment, it will need another 10mm from the edge of the outside of the DIN plug receptable. If you have flexibility on mounting distance, a SAEC 308L or a SAEC 506/30 might also work as they also have very small indentations (assuming you give up using one of the large metal stabilizers the arms came with, and use a smaller nut instead, or get a shorter stabilizer made).

If it is the second, might that be solved with higher footers? Or blocks under the existing footers?